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Vcsale Gold Sellers / gold order

1 China

Ordered 2000 gold from this company they delivered nearly all but there was 26 gold short. They told me they are working hard to complete my order.
3 days later still nothing probably hoping I will forget the rest they owe me. I email then to get an email back saying we would like you to place another order so we can send you the gold we owe you. I mean come on what a joke. I email them again to say please deliver the full amount they then reply that they are working none stop to complete my order. More rubbish I could make 30 gold in half hour if i wanted to.
I file a paypal complaint to get an email within 5 min back saying
Thank you for your reply. We hope you can cancel the complaint, and we will
hurry up for the rest gold. For the amount is very little, and most of our
suppliers are afraid of their accounts being banned. And if you are
interested in placing another order, we will give you 5% bonus and plus the
rest amount of the gold. So we hope you can understand us!

They then try to make me feel guilty because they could get there accounts banned and the money is irelivent the amount is very little, you wouldn't buy a new car and then get told you can only take it if you buy the one over there this company are a joke so please never use them you have been warned.

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