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see an ad about working for google, read it and thought this would be my big break for a job, only to receive an confimation email from alternative funding that my card will be charged 29 dollars after 5 days of trial, i immediately cancelled the programme only to find out that vbl*funweb profits charge me .97 on he 8-6-09 and then charge me another 69.97 on [protected]. i clled customer service for alternative funding which asure me that they did not charge my account because i cancelled same day. i immediately called my bank to let them know that i do not know about this transaction.
be aware of companies who wanted to provide jobs online because they are scams the
the telephone number [protected]

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  • Dm
      Sep 05, 2009

    I had the exact same horrible experience. I clicked on their FunWebProfits ad (something which I will never do again) and agreed to purchase a training guide for $1.99. Low risk -- figured I would check it out. Actual charge that came through was $1.47. But what I really object to is the $69.97 charge for WebMoney training. I never asked for this or authorized this. This VBL and FunWebProfits outfit is a low-life company that lies, steals and uses misleading advertising. I am going to send/post as MANY NEGATIVE blogs as I can about this company. I want my money back. This is stealing. Shame on me for agreeing to the $1.47 charge but I never, ever agreed or authorized the $69.97 charge. This is an unauthorized transaction! Beware of VBL and Funwebprofits and My web search investigation shows that they are somehow related to another company called Alternative Funding. They are all scammers. There are many posts about them being devious and misleading. Watch out!!!

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  • Cr
      Sep 25, 2009

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    Online Customer Support Team

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  • Fk
      Oct 08, 2009

    The exact same thing happened to us. My husband was told he was paying 3.99 a month for a training packet for an Online business. Only to find out that we were being charged 29.99 a month. He canceled within 10 hours of making the purchase. We received a confirmation email with a cancellation number on it. However, 2 months later, a charge for 29.99 showed up on our card. The number they provided in the email was no longer in service. Luckily, there was a number attached to the charge on the statement. After calling that number for 3 days, we were finally transferred to another department where we were hung up on 2 times before actually speaking to a representative. We worked very hard to get the 29.99 charge taken off of our card. Be aware, these are NOT reputable companies. Reputable companies do not charge hidden fees, they honor their cancellation notices, they honor their cancellation codes, reputable companies have departments that communicate with each other, and they do not hand up on people and threaten them when confronted. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! It is a scam. If you come into contact with them, report the incident to the Attorney General for your state as we have done.

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  • Ta
      Oct 27, 2009

    The same thing happened to me with VBL and FUNWEBPROFITS. I thank you for posting this complaint. Customer service at the company did not have a record of my initial call to cancel the subscription. When you call a first or second or third time, be sure to get a cancellation number and note the representative's name with whom you spoke. I too thought it was a low-risk investment of a couple dollars to read more about their affiliate advertising program. Three months and three unauthorized charges later, it is my credit card company who now has to deal with the dispute.

    Please be wary of VBL and FunWebProfits charge on your account. Ask your credit card company to block them once you have cancelled your account.

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