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S Nov 28, 2017 Review updated:

This company is trying to use a variety of different names in order to try to hide the fact that they are ripping people off! The following is taken directly form their latest incantation:

VM Investigations was established in 1990 staffed by investigators with over 793 years of combined experience in helping customers resolve problems. There is very little in the field of investigation that we have not seen or dealt with before. Every client is assigned a personal case manager. Contactable direct at all times and will update clients regularly at agreed times and or on agreed case developments.

We are ONLY one of a few UK Investigation firms still trading in our original name after 27 years, BECAUSE we deliver results and offer an honest above average service. We are glad to also guarantee an unparrelled FREE post enquiry, follow up questions service.

However...this company was known as GB Investigate/GB Investigations less than 24 hours prior to the date of this complaint! DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR MONEY!!! They lie, use a variety of different company names and the person who runs this shambles uses a variety of names as well.


  • R
      Nov 28, 2017

    Thanks Sharon for pointing this out. I unfortunately, was stupid enough to fall for their lies and lost a LOT of money to this person. I say person because I know there is only one person behind this company. I have emailed them on numerous occasions and have not received any further responses after the one where they called me nuts! I feel SO stupid for falling for this scam but have reported them and hope that the authorities can shut them down before anyone else gets ripped off!!!

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  • J
      Dec 04, 2017

    Really? One person??? How much are you being paid to discredit the company??? Were you part of the hack or just the mupoet sitting behind a computer???

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  • G
      Dec 05, 2017

    @Joseph Harold All other complaints can be found at

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  • G
      Dec 08, 2017

    @GrahamBunten.Is.A.Thief For anyone making a complaint or a claim, the correct address to send correspondence to GB Investigate / VM Investigate is:
    1a High Street, Lenham, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 2QD or to Graham Bunten's home address which I have if anyone needs it.

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