Vaughan Pools & Spas / Pool Construction Horrible

1 1909 S. Country Club Dr, Jefferson City MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 573--893-3650

Whatever you do, DON'T LET THEM BUILD YOUR POOL. Complete nightmare 3 years later, hot tub leaks, plaster looks like the surface of the moon, heaters don't work, fence is broken, water seeping out back wall, list keeps growing. They don't have a clue how to build a pool, but they sure collect your money fast! The attached picture is their 3rd attempt at ripping out the hot tub, and it's still leaking! They just called to say they could find anyone to plaster it (if they ever do fix the leak), they said they can throw a portable hot tub from their local store in the back yard. They dumped the original plaster down the city drain and clogged up our entire street, city had to come out to fix. Cut the electrical line going to the dock, just too many things to mention.

Vaughan Pools & Spas

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