Vantage Mobility Inc. / lemon vehicle

1 Southfield, MI, United States

I purchased a 2011 Honda Odyssey accessible van. The conversion was done by VMI. It has been a nightmare. It constantly malfunctions. I was trapped in it about 6 times. Last week the president of VMI flew her to Mobility Works in Madison Heights, MI (where I bought the van) and had my car all week working on it. It worked for less than a day and now it is doing what it was doing before they "fixed it." Now I will have to get a lemon law attorney. I have been without my vehicle over and over and over again while they "fixed it". It is hopeless. I paid almost $69, 000 for this vehicle. It is just a bad design, I guess. When it works it is great but it malfunctions every day. I have never been offered a loaner while they worked on it either. I have to keep calling them as they rarely call me back. I really need my transportation. The only way I would stay in this van is if they gave me a lifetime warrantly on the conversion and rescue me if I get trapped.

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