Vanessa LeFebvre of Lord & Taylora simple return? it was like an episode from the twilight zone but not funny because it was real!

What a nightmare!

I purchased 3 Essential Cashmere Crewneck Sweaters only to realize I needed to return them as the prices kept dropping. I went to the Oak Brook, IL location and they have signs taped on all the entrance doors saying that are NOT accepting returns! This store is closing in January apparently and they refuse to accept returns. It was the end of November when I tried making the return!! Looks like the store was still open to me! People were shopping! I tried calling the Northbrook, IL store, that was a NIGHTMARE! I could NOT get a Customer Service Rep to help me, only one person answered the phone, put the phone down and was working with people inside the store, I could hear the entire conversation she was having with a customer. The conversation was very jovial with causal talk and lots of laughing, while, I was kept on hold for greater than 5 minutes when I finally hung up! I tried contacting the Corporate Office and was told the extension I needed was 6620-My call was transferred only to get a recording stating "Not a Valid Selection" after the Operator assured me this was the correct number! I had spoken with Fred the Customer Service Rep. ID # 480-who took down my information to have someone from Corporate call me back and guess what? No one called me! What a shock huh?!

So what's the moral of this story?

Lord and taylor does not want their merchandise back but, they will take your money on all their overpriced merchandise, that has a retail mark up of over 20 %! Most of which you can buy on amazon at a fraction of the price and without any hassle! Try that on for size!!
Lord & Taylor makes it difficulty on Customers intentionally! DO NOT buy anything from them as they are NOT customer friendly and do NOT care to be! Hey, Vanessa LeFebvre! This is only one reason of many more, as to why your stores are going under after a century of being in business! Your employees don't care about their customers as most are losing their jobs, you haven't stayed competitive in the market, your business model is stagnant! Stagnation is the cause of death for any business! You should know this though, you are a Senior Leader!

Dec 04, 2018

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