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$12000 UPSIDE DOWN ON A USED CAR I BOUGHT FROM THEM 12 MONTHS AND 8K M ILES AGO!!. My wife and I purchased a 2006 cr-v from vander griff last year. We have a baby on the way and wanted to trade up to a larger suv and were willing to increase our payment from $400 to Around $500 a month. We asked what they had to do this with, they showed us an 08 pilot that smelled really bad but was otherwise okay. Meanwhile they were looking at our trades and sat us down to tell us in we were $12000 upside down on the car we bought from them after we had payed $3500 in principal and made every payment perfectly.
the then proposed that we pay $7000 down and make Over $700 a month payments on their used pilot!!. Dishonest car dealers like this one and I'm sure some others (though I doubt any are this bad)
don't like to see you trade in the car you bought there because it catches them in all their own lies about what a "good deal you are getting" and forces them to try to come up with other reasons why their car is worth top dollar and the one you bought from them is not. Again, TWELVE-THOUSAND DOLLARS LOST VALUE ON A USED CAR BOUGHT FROM VANDERGRIFF IN ONE YEAR/8K MILES. That's the kind of "good deal" you will get at Vandergriff.

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