Vandalier groupExcessive harassment for paid loan

I had gotten a payday loan a couple of years ago and since then different companies have called me wanting me to pay them off.. I have paid and then some!!! This last one from a Sara hall called me and could not tell me how much the loan was for or any kind of information about the complaint except they will serve me and I'll go to court..when I told her I checked my bank from two years there was nothing there and she didn't have much to say.. I've tried finding the vandalier group number but no such luck.. This woman yelled at me and said they would see me in court .. Let them.. I have my proof and it's not there for them.. They also said they put it on my credit report.. Checked that too.. Nothing...I'm sick and tired of this and want it to stop... They called my job

Dec 16, 2014

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