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Vancouver Neurology / Elana Robinson

1 Vancouver, WA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 360-256-8865

I transfered to Dr Robinson from Olympia. I have been disabled for 5 years, the MRI she did was abnormal. I asked her to fill out disability papers for me and she took the forms and told me to pick them up next visit. The next visit she did not ask how I was, she got red in the face and up close to me. She threw the forms down and called me a fraud. Told me I needed a psychiatrist. I have had a Neurologist since my brain accident, endless tests that all shoe deterioration of the brain. I have never been treated by an MD like this. Especiaaly with the disabled she should not be allowed to practice. I asked for an apology without response.

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      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    I am sorry this happened to you, I have been fighting a rare brain tumor for 10 years diligently and she has been the first doctor to treat me with respect she gives me options and tells me why those options are likly to be succesfull. I have had many doctors and she in two appointments has helped more than any doctor in the last 10 years!! She gets an A+ so far and her level of skill is high in my opinion

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      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    I had been through 4 Neurologists before I found Dr. Robinson. She is and always has been a true, caring professional. She has bent over backwards for me and my wife. She knew exactly how to treat me and never gave up on me. My life now if so much better now than it ever was before I met her.

    When I first met Dr. Robinson she was working in Seattle, and I followed her to Vancouver when she moved, because of her base of knowledge, warm, and caring personality. I have had her as my Doctor for over 5 years and for the past two years go from Lynnwood to Vancouver WA to see her. She is the absolute best in class. She has never treated anyone I have ever seen like the person who complained about her.

    After having been to Dr. Robinson hundreds of times, I have never heard her or seen her treat anyone in a disrespectful way. I dont believe the complaint. Dr. Robinson, is the best Neurologist, BAR NONE! If someone found her offensive, it probably had more to do with the patient, then the Doctor. I highly recommend her.
    Thanks Greg

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      16th of Jul, 2009
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    Dr Robingson is the best, she took time to explain to me why things were going on with me, no one else up to that point had. I felt like they wanted me to just give up. She has never treated me like a number as so many other doctors have. I drive from Seattle to Vancouver Wa for my treatments. I would not do that if she was not caring. She is the best doctor I have hands down!
    Lynda Lee - Seattle

  • Ka
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree Dr Robinson is awful. She loves to prescribe high-dose pain pills to cover up the problem instead of trying to find the cause. She instructs the patient to take as much as needed for pain, she does not feel that they are dangerous. Then she has the nerve to tell people it is completely safe to drive and operate machinery on these pills. I would hate to be on the road with my children when someone is high as a kite driving down the road. I think that she should not be practicing medicine anywhere.

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      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I drive from Seattle and would drive farther if I had to in order to see Dr. Robinson. She has treated me for years and without her I don't know if I would survive living with daily migraines. When other doctors have in fact treated me like some kind of
    'addict' when in fact I would rather not take medications at all, she has always helped me by seeking other forms of treatments; Eastern and Western alike. She has treated her staff (a true indicator of a good doctor) and every patient I've seen her with (and I've known other people who have seen her) with the utmost respect. I think this report is completely unfounded. Just food for thought, if you are going to a doctor just to get "disabilty papers" signed rather than an attempt to find solutions I think that may be an indicator of where your own motives may be...just a thought. Before you "slam" a very well respected doctor that people are willing to drive hundreds of miles for, please consider the ramifications and remember: what comes around, goes around.

  • Ha
      7th of Feb, 2010
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    i think that patricia denton you need to quit being a fraud, you are a fraud at life not to mention a failure and i think that you ahouls quit trying to get doctors to sign your fake medical problems and grow up and realize you failed as a mother, grandmother, wife and child. Quit trying to collect free money you white trash fake loser!

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