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Van Witz Real Estate / Management / Embezzlement

1 8130 W 111th StreetPalos Hills, IL, United States Review updated:

Our condo association has been embezzled by Van Witz Real Estate and the Palos Hills police say it is a civil matter even when they haev multiple complaints about embezzlement. I know of 3 other condo assoc's with the same problem and i am looking to find others for the possiblity of getting some law enforcement agency to start to take this matter of embezzlement serious and have all the Van Witz parties arrested fo rthier crimes and particapation in the crimes against us. Please email me at

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  • Me
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I am in disbelief on how unprofessional this company is. I have been trying to get a hold of our property manager at Van Witz for about a week now, and to be told that there isn't really a property manager on our account. "what is that suppose to mean?" We pay their company every month to have not even a single person to look over our property? They haven't been doing anything for us, but yet there is less than 4k in our account. When as for in detailed account summary, we were told that we had to go through the account manager, which is on vacation until an unknown date. WE ARE TIRED OF THIS!!! IF THERE IS ANY OTHER ASSOCIATION OUT THERE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM...LEts get together to see if there is anything we can do about it. THe owner of Van Witz is Pamela Van Witz...for all I know could be a non existiing person, because I had left numerous msgs, no surprised to anyone that none in which has been returned. I want to file a Police report, then get an attorney to go after this Company. IF you have the same problem...please email me so we can do something together and stop this company from taking our Hard earn money.

  • Ki
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    the van witz co. should be shut down asap. are front door, driveway, windows, soffit, and carpit in hallway NEED to be replaced. they kept telling us that thing would get fixed. then a nicor notice was posted on the broken front door. come to find out the gas bill was'nt being paid since nov 08. the gas was shut off because they didnt pay them even though all units owners were paying there monthly payments to van witz. we have to come up with 5, 500 some dollars to nicor to get it back on. then the comed bill the garbage and the water bills are as well behind. garbage has been piling up the lights did go off and were close to having the water go off. van witz took more then 15k from us maybe more. we have to pay twice are monthly assesments just to keep gas water etc. not to mention that we have driveway that is unsafe with the holes that are all over. some unit owners have kids and it is becoming unsafe just for them to go outside. i dont understand how in america someone can get away with this without something happening to the co. of van witz. maybe there waiting for the goverment to bail them out. they do a fine job on just taking your money and thats about all they can do.not only did i loose 15k on the condo of what its worth because of real estate crash but van witz took about 15k that gos to paying the bills and up keep to the building. nice job thanks.

  • Wa
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    any one who wants to get van witz call the fbi fraud unit its on harrison street and speciel agent roach will help google it and they will help its not a local matter so contact the fbi

  • Br
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    I am a property manager that just started managing an Association that was taken advantage of by Van Witz (they stole in excess of $30, 000 from them). We are currently starting litigation proceedings and I will be more than happy to give any advice that I may have regarding how to proceed from here, and how to get your Association back on track from these terrible opportunists. Rule number one from here on out: Whenever you decide to hire a new management company, always have the bank statements cc'd to you DIRECTLY FROM THE BANK, not forwarded from your management company. Also, let the Board hold the reserve account. There is no reason for a property manager to have access to an Association's reserve funds. All we need is the operating funds. As a matter of fact, the more money we are have access to, the higher our Insurance Rates are, so we don't even WANT access your reserve funds. Email me if you would like to discuss this further at

    Anthony Adamo
    Broad Shoulders Management

  • Ru
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    We are an association who this Vanwitz has taken money from; and we would like to see whoever is responsible for this brought to justice; imprisoned if possible. Thank GOD our reserve account is with a different bank; Good advice about any association's reserve account should not be with the management company; they only need your operational funds; We have had to pay our electric and water bills out of our reserve and pockets; we have nearly 24K with that company and I am told that there is a possiblity that no one will get any money back; we have had four (4) different property managers since we been with the company; they fire every manager that works with us and gets things done; this is horrible; I have never heard of a company doing this before; they must be crazy; they have found a loop hole that is allowing them to get away with this very criminal act of theft; this is theft at its best; I suggest trying to collect from your insurance company your monies.
    I really hope that we see justice done on this Pam vanwitzenburg or whatever her name is if she really exists. We have emailed and called to no avail; we were ignored big time. I think everyone involved from that accountant Kim on down to the receptionist should be imprisoned for their participation in this criminal act of theft; they are all in this together. We just want to see justice done; I wonder where is all that money; and where is the owners; That company has our money still; that company is still in business; I wonder if every single association that company has is going through the same thing as the rest of us.

    President, Treasurer, & Vice President
    Kedzie Condo Association

  • Ka
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    we are small 10 unti building in willow springs and just found out that van witz stopped paying our bills as far back as last year. we are stuck with no gas as of 2 days ago casue our nicor bill is almost $9, 000!!! thats no including our other bills for nearly $5000, thats $14000 total that is owed to us!!! we have no gas and no reserves !! waht do we do ! can anyone help!!!

  • Mw
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    I owned a condo w/Cordoba Court Condo Assoc in Orland Park- 9865 Cordoba CT, and sold on 3/2008 due to Van Witz Management and of course the useless board members who did not look into the non payment of bills, and why the board members did not address why Van Witz had our money in their acct w/o any board members name on the acct, tuck pointing that was suppose to be done w/special assessments that were collected and the work never being done, etc. I was surprised to hear that the state's attorney has gotten involved, when I contacted them and received a letter back from them after sending them over 50 pages of the by laws and other documentation - that now they finally did something. I too was told to have the owners get together and sue the assocation board members and Van Witz. I did have an attorney send them a letter re: problems w/taxes, problems w/tucking pointing that caused water damage to inside unit and it went unanswered by both our president, board members and Van Witz Management. Though, Van Witz is to blame, the board members & president are just as much to blame when it was strongly suggested to get rid of them. There were so many problems that our board could care less and even though there is a new management company- you still have the same useless people on the board.

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