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I've been looking around for pest control and found these folks. I've had Terminix and others come out and give me a quote and copy of the contract so I can compare the fine print.

I called these guys to find out their information and they had a good pitch: good coverage for termite protection, lower costs and no long term contract. After hanging up, I realized I hadn't asked for a contract to compare with the others. Called back and pretty quickly got into a stalemate with Steve on the phone. He refused to send me a copy of the contract for my review while making some oblique references that he thought I was a spy for Terminix and was just trying to get a contract to give to some other pest provider. Not that this makes much sense - I don't think national pest control companies would want to copy Value Pest's contract, but it was annoying. So I said that I may just have the technician come out to start the service and look at the contract then and send him away if I didn't like it - thereby wasting both the technician's time and my own.

At that point, Steve said he was banning my home and would never send a technician out. Steve was really trying to make me feel like I was being unreasonable and should apologize and beg to have the privilege to pay for their service.

I realize he had to do that to protect his bottom line, but transparency in this area is vital to me as a customer. I'm not signing up for anything until I see it in writing. Would anyone buy a car warranty without reading the fine print? Would you get an extended service agreement from Best Buy without reading the contract first? This was just surprising to me and disappointing given the fact that what they were saying on the phone sounded so good. It just makes me think they had something to hide - but I'll never know because I couldn't see a contract!

Good luck all, and remember - just ask to see a contract.


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      Jul 08, 2009

    I have had service with since 2004 and they gave me a contract at the time of my service. They don't have door to door salesmen so they just send out the paperwork with the technician who does the work. Anyway, it seems odd that someone would go through the trouble of posting a complaint on a good company.

    Never had any problems. Great service.

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      Feb 26, 2015

    Customer service from the [protected] On 2/26/15 I called in to pay the $27 the company stated I owed them. I paid it so I no longer would get calls or letters from them due to their lack of proper billing and customer service skills. I told the manager who answered (he stated he was a manager) that I just wanted to make a payment and needed the correct e-mail address so that i can send a letter of dissatisfaction with their company and to advise them whom I was sending letter too. At this point the "manager" became very offensive and basically stated that if I wasn't such a terrible paying customer then we would have never had this issue so that it was actually all my fault. Granted there was some confusion over the billing caused by ValuPest. There were never any apologies offered for those. The "manager" continue to attempt to brow beat me over the $27 (that I already gave him my CC # for to pay) and stated "do you think I want to waste my time on people like you". I finally advised the gentleman that customer service may not be his field of expertise and he hung up on me. I have read other horror stories of consumers that have dealt with the 866 # and I thought people were exaggerating, but after my interaction I understand now. My hope is that other people read my story and learn from mistakes. We as consumers do have a choice.

    Your Desired Resolution:
    a sincere apology would be nice, but also please get your managers some additional training. No matter the situation that do not have right and they should not have the authority to treat people as I was.

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      Dec 02, 2015

    ValuePest has been doing my home pest control for 15 years now. Their technician always doest his job and is friendly and courteous. My experiences have not been anything like these reviews. I highly recommend that anyone give them a call if they want a good bug company.

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