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Value Dry seem like decent people. They offer a free estimate for a complete waterproofing workup. I made an appointment, which they canceled. It happens. No problem. So I made another appointment. I stayed home from work in order to make sure that I would be there for it.

The inspector called me about 2 hours prior to the appointment and asked that my wife be present for the estimate. I replied that she would be home, but wasn't interested nor available (we have 3 young children).

He asked if we could reschedule and I told him that this wasn't a problem, no need to reschedule. She didn't want to be involved and any amount of work that I thought was necessary, she trusted me to make the decision, even without further consulting.

He wouldn't budge. He would not come for the estimate if she was not present. At this point, my wife is hearing my conversation and ready to call them herself to yell at them.

But I decided that maybe it was just this inspector and the management would be more reasonable. I called them up and they did give me a call back. I talked with a manager (maybe partner?). And he confirmed. If my wife was not present for the estimate, it would cost us $150. Outrageous and ridiculous that they would require this!

I tried to explain that I was serious about my desire for their estimate and work, but I've dealt with many contractors, for work that would cost 4x as much as this stuff and they had no problem coming in for a free estimate and not requiring my wife to be present.

So basically, ValueDry discriminates if you're married and your wife doesn't want to participate in the estimate.

I highly recommend going elsewhere. They might do good work (maybe not, I can't say). But do you really want to use a company that discriminates against people like that?

I certainly don't. I am offended that they would try to force me to run my house and run my marriage the way that they saw fit.

Apr 18, 2014

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