Value Plus/Pulse MonthUnauthorized Charges

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On June 16th the account was activated, they say it takes 24 hours to process. I called on June 17th before the 24hours and canceled the servies for PULSE MONTH and VALUE PLUS. On June 18th they charged 2-$1.00 to my debit AFTER I had canceled. This in turn caused my account to be overdrawn by $70. I called them and they read the script "not protocol for our company to refund other than what we charged on the card." I then asked to speak with a supervisor, her name was Grace. She then read off the script and said to call the bank and she did offer to refund the $2. I called the bank, they informed me that it wasnt' their mistake and that the company is responsible for it because I did cancel and the bank said to keep hounding them. Of course I called back the [protected] and spoke with Favash(ms). He repeated the same script, but gave me the Consumer Affair address. I hung up called again, spoke to Kim same thing said. I hung up called again talked to Shannon, she reworded her script. The bottom line is I canceled within 24hours of proccessing and they "processed" anyway. Now I'm $70 in the hole for thier mistake and I want them to refund that money to me. And I will keep calling and send letters to anyone and everyone I have to to get it back!

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