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Value Gas Station-on Dundas St / Scamming gas station and rude service

1 820 Dundas Street East-Haines RoadMississauga, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I pulled into this gas station and have experienced a few occasions where the gas attendant asks me for my credit card and rings it through before the gas is even being done pumped. I asked the gentleman to stop doing that. Today, I went in and asked for 40.00 gas and when the young clerk asked me if I was paying cash, I said yes, and then he put the pump in, he came right to my window and said give me the money now. I said to him that I will pay when the gas pump is done and I see it is at 40.00. He said to me, "then you can do it yourself". I got out of my car and said, forget I don't want gas here and indicated how rude he was. The gas pump got pulled out of my car and gas spilled all over my car and a little on me. I asked for the manager and explained the situation. The manager came out apologizing and started yelling at the gas attendant. I told the manager that he is not supposed to ask for money before the pump is done as how do I know exactly how much gas it will be. The gas attendant continued to yell at me saying to me, "oh if you think that is rude, you should see me when I am really rude". I asked the manager to wipe down my car as there was gas spilled on it. Gas also spilled on my pants a bit and shoes. He said "oh it will dry".
This is the worst station I have ever been to and I know that the gas attendant did this to me because I was a woman alone in the car. Also, they are scammers because they try to take your money and credit card and ring it through before the gas is done so they can make a few extra cents and dollars if you are under...
PLEASE PLEASE do not go to this station.

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  • Pr
      30th of Jan, 2012
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    I have not had service quite THAT bad, but it doesn't surprise me. They are slow to come out to pump your gas and would it kill them to smile and say thank you? I am also no longer going to go there. I guess they figure since the gas is cheaper it won't affect sales and they don't have to be polite, legal and efficient.

  • Ma
      14th of Dec, 2013
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    As I know the attendant will not pump gas before I prepay, I went inside to pay for a lady and saw the attendant, so I told him I will prepay for $50, can you please pump them for me. He started yelling at me, "No, I don't want to pump for you, and you should talk to me with respect". I asked him why is he talking to me this way? And at that point he started to yell, "Now, I don't want to pump for you at all, take your car and get out of here now".

    I was shocked at how things were unfolding. He went out to pump gas for other cars, and I waited inside. A few minutes later he was done and came back inside and said "Why are you still waiting here? I told you I will not pump gas for you and I will go outside for a smoke.

    Then when he was done. He said I will pump gas for you this time so that you can leave and not come back here again. At that point he told the lady to collect money from me first. After the altercation so far, I was afraid he will take my money and under-pump for me, so I told him, I will pay you when you are done filling the gas. He started saying, "Well, how will I know that you have the money to pay for the gas? What if you are coming here to rip us off?". I had to open my wallet and show him that I had money before he went out to pump the gas.

    He pumped the gas. I paid the money, and then the lady behind the counter said "Go old lady and don't come back here again!"

    Such a terrible service experience, and very bad mannered people.

  • Ga
      24th of Oct, 2014
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    Today I went to this gas station due to that the gas was at 1.149 compared to other major gas station 1.179 .. I purchased $25.00 worth 21 litre, my needle was at 1/4 tank at which I was hoping to get a almost a full tank. To my surprise the needle only move to 1/2 tank . I am not sure what they are doing but I believe they are scamming the gas . the receipt did read 21 litre but if my needle was at 1/4 how could it only move to the half mark 1/2. I should have had more gas in my tank. This is my second time at this station and never really thought of it the first time, I purchase 10 dollars worth and it seems as if I had purchase $ 5 worth. I will never purchase gas from this station as it was a lost for me as I will know have to purchase more gas ..

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