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Value Car Hire / False Accident Damage Claim

1 Namibia

I hired a car from Value Car Hire (also called ASCO) and was involved in an accident with a cow in the north of the country. We called the company, filed a police report, went to a mechanic in Opuwo (the accident occured outside Opuwo) and, on agreement with the car company, continued to drive the car for another 6 days post-accident. There was a lot of cosmetic damage to the bonnet, but the car ran fine. We drove it an additional 800-1000 km, no problems.

On returning the car, I was told that the insurance company would decide whether or not to cover damages based on the speed I was going at the time of the accident. Because I was on a tar road going under 100km/hr, I was told it should be covered.

This was not the case. I recieved an email from the company telling me the insurance company would not be covering damages and a quotation was attached. The quotation included repairs to things that were never damaged in the course of the accident. Of the 48, 000 (namibian dollars) in damages, I calculated over 20, 000 that were completely falsified. Because I live in Lesotho, I have no recourse to fight these claims. And the charges will go through my VISA debit card and be deducted directly from my account in the USA.

Not only is the list of damages completely exaggerated, but I suspect the insurance company is either unwilling to pay on false grounds or that the car company is actually covered by their insurance but trying to make double the cost of repairs. Anyone who can suggest how I might fight this claim could PLEASE help me.


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