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I bought a new 5th wheel trailer from Valley RV Center in McMinnville, OR. Unfortunately the unit was a "lemon". After numermous trips to have repairs done ie: water faucets connected wrong, most drawers falling off, water leaking from underneath while traveling, mice and flys were able to get into the unit because of poor construction. I also purchased an extended warranty for 1, 600.00 which I find out will only cover appliances. I finally decided last fall to put the unit on consignment w/ Valley RV. Mike Mendenhall was the person that was very excited to have the unit on consignment. He stated that he was sure the unit would sell because there was a big need for used 5th wheels. And he just had a customer in the day before looking for exatly what I had. After the 3 month consignment was over (Jan. 29, 2007) I called and was told that I could leave it there and they could continue to try to sell it. Yesterday I received a call from Mike Mendenhall that if they were going to sell it that the price of $13, 000. that would be my portion of the selling price would have to be lowered because it was a few months older, I am not sure what they were asking for the unit but was told they would make over 7, 000.00 on the unit. Mike had called during the consignment period and said the dining room window was leaking and they could fix it for $300.00., that is to recaulk it.!!! Because of an emergency in my family I was not able to hire someone else to fix the window which I had an estimate of $50.00. Then I received a call from Larry, another person in the financial department at Valley RV that it wouldn't cose me that much and they would repair it. When Mike Mendenhall called me yesterday he would charge me for the window (i expected that) but he also informed me that I would have to pay for the 2nd. time they tried to repair the leak in the wheel well, they had repaired it the year before when it was still under factory warranty and now he wants me to pay for the repair again. This unit is a 2004 Wilderness Advantage, I paid Valley RV $24, 840.00 for the unit and 2 years later they said it was only worth the $13, 000.00. This unit had only been used about 6 times, no smoking or pets and in excellent condition. Yesterday I called On Your Way RV sales in Rickreall and they said that the low blue is 13, 200. 00 and the high was a little over $17, 000.00, they would consign it and pay me $15, 000.00 sight unseen and even pick the unit up. So I am on my way this morning to pick up the title and make arrangements w/ On Your Way RV sales to pick it up. I am a 67 yr. old single woman and feel that Valley RV has really taken advantage of me, especially Mike Mendenhall, I don't know how he sleeps at night.

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      Sep 09, 2009

    You gotta be kidding me m'am. You should know that when you buy a brand new rv the depreciation is approximately 25% before you get it home! This is NOT uncommon knowledge. Its called a 'luxary' purchase. Same goes for boats.

    It is also not uncommon for an RV dealership to sell or consign an RV for high book while getting the customer low book. Again, common practice. What do you expect them to sell it for? If high book is $17, 000 they need to ask around $19, 999 in order to come down with offers. If that is the case you should get around $15, 000 after the sale but before repairs as needed.

    Another thing, an RV dealership only SELLS the rv not manufactures it. The dealer must stand behind the RV and its warranty but beyond that what do you want them to do? Take it back from you? Not gunna happen. Its already sold and registered to YOU! Now it is a used unit and the best bet you have is to leave it with the dealer until all repairs are done to your satisfaction. Make them earn the profit they got from you! As far as the extended warranty, they are usually full coverage but of course that will not include cosmetic issues or preventive maintenance such as caulking of the roof or windows or doors, etc... You cant expect anyone to warrant your roof if you dont maintain it especially if it is a rubber roof that needs to be treated 3-4 times a year in Oregon.

    Good luck and I hope this helps...We RV dealerships are trying and customer service is the HARDEST occupation in the world IMO! Sometimes the customer is wrong such as in this case.

    ps. If you paid $24, 840 for this RV and left the dealership with your new RV happy, then that is something you need to deal with within yourself. The dealership did nothing wrong. They sold you a product that you were willing to pay a certain price for. This goes for everything everyone pays for anything at anytime in life.

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