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Valet Remote Start / inferior installation of system

1 6695 South WestnedgePortage, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 269-327-9902

My husband & I purchased the Valet Remote Start/Alarm system from ABC in October, 2004 for$318.--which included a 5-year warranty plus. The installers also connected my auto's trunk opening to the system. We had problems within a month of installation--we took it to ABC Installation department--which had to replace the whole system. During the 2 years we had the remote/alarm system in the auto, we returned to ABC Installation Dept. several times. Each time, even the head of the department said that there was nothing wrong with the system. We had problems with the car being difficult to start, the locks being activated even while driving. We had to take the car to a dealer to find out why we had such trouble with the igniti0n. When the ABC installers put the system in, one of their so-called qualified techs cut the passkey cylinder which allowed water to enter and corrode the ignition. We had to pay Buick $335 to diagnose the problem, and the dealer had to replace the car's tail lights that an ABC tech had shorted out in installing the trunk open part. We had to have ABC remove their poor quality work and pay a mechanic $600 to fix all the wiring ABC had screwed up, plus a new ignition. Since the repairs have been made, we have had no problems with the ingnition. However, we still have problems with our doors opening--often we can hear locks going up and down--something that can't be fixed. There are still times we cannot open a door--until we hear the locks going through the routine from the remote/alarm system installation. Do not let ABC ever install any auto remote start/alarm system. The store does not take responsibility for the damage it did to our vehicle. Their installers are not trained mechanics--wires get cut and even ignition cylinders--and the customer is responsible for their carelessness. Go to a reputable mechanic to have any remote start/alarm system installed.

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