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Valencia Pets / Overcrowding of animals and the store smelling of urine

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Valencia Pets

Today was my first time in this store, right when we walked in the store it smelt of animal urine, the Chinchillas were overcrowded into one cage. Also one of the chinchillas may not have been alive. I could not tell. It did not appear to be moving, and looked like it was dead or in a "deep sleep". It did not appear the cage was cleaned, the urine smell was strong. They had more animals than they can handle. They had animals pilled up in small plastic containers. The rodents next to the chinchillas were also overcrowded in their cage. They are selling more animals than pet care products! This is a very sick and sad situation. This is cruel, overcrowding of animals and the store smelling of urine is just wrong. They don't have enough pet products to match all the animals they are selling!

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  • Jo
      14th of May, 2008
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    I have been to Valencia pets numerous times and never has there been any bad odor. The store is very clean and the pets are kept quite nicely. They are happy and are well cared for.

  • Pa
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    We take very good care off all our pets. We off a wide range of products that are needed. We don't feel the need to offer every product when Petco is down the street. We provide different animals to meet the needs of customers, We are not a supply store we are a pet store. If you walk into any pet store it will have some smell of urine, its nature. Animals pee and they smell when they do, we do are best to keep things clean and have yet to have any issues with animal control. We are sorry that you feel the way that you do but you are the only one who has complaned.

  • Al
      18th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree with the complaint, they should not have the sale of any animals if they are not willing to treat them properly. This store sells everything very expensive, they push you to buy, and they should be able to at least perform the right maintenance for these poor animals. They are being rude and unfair to a client who in my opinion is right, instead of apologizing; they are looking for a reason to justify their action. The sale of an animal is not a joke, the poor treatment; lack of hygiene and lack of feeding speaks about the character of the owner and reflects why the employees simply do not care. They have to be ashamed and instead of saying “animals pee, is normal!” they should just try to make a client feel welcome, not walk into a smelly place.

  • Jp
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    I have been into this store multiple times. There was never any smell of urine, nor did the cages seem overcrowded. The employees never pushed me to purchase anything the first few times I came in; they simply gave me information and answered my questions (I was looking into a salt water tank). The third time I went in, the employees tested my water for me, made recommendations on what I needed to do to it, steered me away from fish I wanted because I was not ready for them, answered more questions I had thought of in the meantime, and only let me buy fish taht they recommended were safe, healthy, and hardy enough that I could make "mistakes" with without killing the fish.
    People mistakenly think that because it is a pet store, they should be able to buy any- and everything they need for any and every animal. This store caters to unique markets - for the most part, those interested in reptiles or salt water. If you want more than that, then go to Petco, Pet Adventure, or some other store like that.

  • Cl
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    I visited Valencia Pets today to see the saltwater tank displays. The store was very clean and and set up well. However while checking out the saltwater tanks, we noticed several of the clownfish were sick with parasites and Ich, etc. The fish are all in community water and in my opinion should have been quarantined until the outbreaks have been alleviated. The parasites are free swimming and unless the water is treated or left fallow for 6 weeks, the clowns can be reinfested. Also the nano cubes had sick Clownfish in them as well and we noticed 2 small hippo tangs in the wall unit glancing repeatedly on the substrate (usually one of the first signs of a parasite), A panther Grouper and a Tang had hole in head. I left the store feeling like the fish are not being quarantined after they arrive and/or are being purchased from a less than reputable supplier. I'm concerned about the treatment of the fish that are already infected and that are in community tanks throughout the store. What are the stores new arrival policies and disease treatment and quarantine procedures? I own several pairs of clownfish and know how easy it is for an outbreak to spread from fish to fish when they are in community tanks if they are not quarantined before being introduced to the community tanks. I would not purchase a fish from this store under these conditions with or without a reason or excuse from the store's employees or owner. The fact is...there is currently a problem with the health of the saltwater fish that are presently in the store and the water is also contaminated until it is treated properly. Very Sad and I hope they can get this under control. Not an easy situation to remedy with all the beautiful corals being in the same tanks. However this problem would have been easier to avoid with proper quarantine procedures of new arrivals. Good luck to everyone at Valencia Pets and more so...good luck to all the fish that need treatment and better conditions.

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