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I originally contacted this company to buy a particular mold killer chemical and to rent a special water extractor machine for use in a flood cleanup. What I found was a dishonest company which would rather lie and pass off inadequate products to make a quick sale instead of being honest. operates out of a retail store in Long Beach, NY - so my dealings were done face to face in their store.

First, for the water extractor machine, they told me that they had a special machine which was much more powerful than a wet/dry vac. I sent another person to go pick it up, so I wasn't there to inspect and reject it... They had substituted a regular carpet cleaning machine instead of the high-powered water extractor. Needless to say, their product was not fit to the job and was completely ineffective.

Also, I called ahead to see if they had the particular mold killer chemical I needed, and they told me they had it in stock. When I arrived, the owner tried to pass off carpet shampoo instead. Shampoo obviously was not going to do the job. I mean, the chemical I was looking for was some powerful stuff - the sort of thing you need to wear safety gear to apply safely. And he tried to pass off shampoo for that. He probably never even had the mold killer chemical I needed - they were just looking to make a quick sale.

The next day, I came back to return the improper carpet cleaning machine and to ask for my money back, and to confront them about their many lies and dishonest practices. The owner became so enraged that he became physically violent towards me. His partner was needed to restrain him from attack. He told me that he "knew where I lived" and that I "didn't know who I was messing with." What a fool.

Anyhow, these are sick people and are not to be trusted. Do not do business with them under any circumstances.

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      24th of May, 2010

    This customer is lying. They wanted to use a commercial cleaning extractor for a flood and then return it. Nice try!

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  • St
      22nd of Jan, 2011

    I have had a similar experience with this so called company that is currently being disputed with my credit card company too, which is not going well since the information the provide to the credit card company is about as truthful as the scam they run themselves. I only wish I had done the research that I am doing now. There are so many other customers of the farce of a company with very similar complaints. And they actually have the audacity to come on here and call us liars and even pose as "consumers" themselves to disagree with posters offering complaints about their bait and switch tactics. I am making it my personal crusade to get the word out on and have them shut down for good. They messed with the wrong guy! I will be posting my experience with them on here soon as well.

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