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Vacaville Dental Care / Awful company

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I had major dental work done by so called 'dr' Ranilo Tuazon. He never prescribed me any medications after the procedure. I had to call them the next day & explain how much pain I was in and asked if I can have some medication prescribed. It was a hassle explaining it to the staff as if they forgot who I was. They made it sound like I was bothering them, but I eventually got some strong meds.

After 48 hours of excruciating pain, the meds barely helped, so I called VDC's secretary, Jennifer Tuazon requesting if I can come in & be seen. She said 'dr' Tuazon could not see me & to just go seek another dentists opinion. So then I immediately went to the emergency room on base and they numbed my tooth. The standby dentist recommend I have it extracted.

I called dr Tuazon again, said he couldn't help. So after a full weekend of the worst pain you could ever imagine, I went to another dentist to get another opinion. She recommended tooth extraction as I went and had it done. 'dr' Tuazon and his staff did nothing for me, so I decided to move onto another dentist.

My husband and I tried to obtain a copy of my dental records a couple times, but we kept getting the runaround. The next thing we know, this business requested a restraining order on my husband. They obviously had something to hide because this was their only way of preventing me from seeing the work he did on my teeth. My husband did nothing wrong and was even willing to pay for a copy of my records. This dentist and staff lied in court and acted petrified of my husband, making the most ridiculous accusations of being 'threatened/harassed'.

After speaking with past patients(victims) of VDC, this dentist is know to go to court and lie their butts off. When we reported them to the Better Business Bureau, we found a couple other negative remarks about them. We also received a phone call from another ex-patient of VDC that she took them to small claims court. She lost because the Tuazons, again lied in court. I'm confident when a so called dr has access to your medical records, he can fabricate it to meet his needs, just like in court.

To this day, we still do not have a copy of my dental records. It's clearly evident he has something to hide. My new dentist has requested them several times. We've reported them to the Dental Board of California, but of course they couldn't do anything, as they defend their own.

The BIGGEST mistake of my life was choosing this dental office. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy!! If you are interested in hearing our story and the proof of their lies, just email us! We have nothing to hide, lie or exaggerate...which the Tuazons love to do. They could have easily avoided this and simply abided by their patient rights as they 'claim to do' in their website.

They are simply sick and demented for having the audacity to take it this far. They are pathological liars that do not have an ounce of patient care, compassion or customer service skills. The Tuazons have to resort to impersonating 'concerned patients' on customer review sites.

Any comments you read that state 'threats, violence & malicious gossip' are ALL ridiculous lies by our ex- dentist and his staff. These are all the ridiculous impersonations by Ranilo tuazon. Ranilo & Jennifer are furious that someone has finally stood up to their awful service and exposed their scams to the public.

They are extremely desperate to cover up their scamming service, because someone finally decided to fight for what is right and expose the real truth about Vacaville dental Care and it's immoral service! You will see their various comments on review sites such as this, impersonating happy patients & falsely accusing us of the most ridiculous things!

Don't believe any of it. Just contact us and we'll be more than happy to prove that we're the victims here. Share this important information with all of your friends & family! Don't be victims like us and go through hell w/ crappy dental work. Avoid Vacaville Dental Care at all cost!!


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  • Ra
      25th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    We also had bad service from this dental office. This dentist should not be able to practice dentistry. He showed no compassion for my childs dental needs. When he started recommending work that was downright outrageous(especially the fees) we walked right out on them and sought another dental office. More customers need to stand up for better service and avoid from being scammed. For the 8 months that we were patients of this place, i never felt comfortable. Fortunately we didn't get the horrible treatment like the customers above. I'm just very pleased we left when we did.

  • Me
      13th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I visited and was amazed about this certain ERWIN LARA. It is unbelievable how he goes the great lengths to be the picture of perfection here by posting lies to this great office. Records after records with proof of legal documents from his Superiors from Travis Air Force Base. He was even a Tech SGT. It gives me tingles in the spine that this kind of people are serving in our Armed Forces. He is trying so hard to convince people that he is this nice, friendly, "HARMLESS person who is just trying to share their experience about this great office. Erwin Lara as I found out is not even a patient of this office. It is the wife ELIZABETH LARA, who is the patient but she was the one who helped the JUDGE IN SERVING THE RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM for VIOLENCE, THREAT AND HARASSMENT. ELIZABETH LARA loves coming to this office but she was manipulated by his malicious and cunning husband. What is so sad is that he is using his wife to deceive people that she is the one posting here. I support this office the more because they are responsible, ethical and professional. The truth is out there. He convinces people to email him for the truth. If he has some thing on this office, he would have posted it already for sure but he does not. This office has and it is published on Visit this site and see how his own wife which he pretends to be here in this site testified against him. We Support this office because there is not even one complain from real patients on the internet. All the negative remarks were all from this one person TSGT Erwin Lara all because he was slapped with a Restraining Order for Violence, Threat and Harassment. Several things working against this certain Erwin Lara: He has a motivation to defame this office : "RESTRAINING ORDER". We go to this office because there's not one history of malpractice and negligence on them, they follow a strict "STANDARD OF CARE", Very compassionate staff and doctors. I would highly recommend and challenge this person to bring this office to court if he has anything against this office. This is his playground because all his comments cannot be verified. This office gave him a day in court, his right to due process that ultimately led to his RESTRAINING ORDER. This office is not slapped with any malpractice nor negligence and dare people to check them out with the CALIFORNIA DENTAL BOARDS. The record of this office and the doctors are clean and this certain Erwin Lara is on a smear campaign because he was slapped with a RESTRAINING ORDER IN ALL 50 STATES. He is even stripped off of his gun privileges. I support this office and the Armed Forces and abhor this Erwin Lara.

  • Ho
      17th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    This office has great staff and dentists that are not just passionate but also compassionate towards their patients. This person Erwin Lara was granted a restraining order for violence and harassment which is the motivation to defame this office. One of his patients created this website and I supported it because it shows proof how his own wife testified against him, his own colleague testified against him, his superior denounce him. His multiple postings and fraudulent allegations are unfounded but this office have proof supported by legal documents.

  • Rd
      5th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am writing this review in hopes that I can give my nieghbors and friends in Vacaville some information about this horrilbe excuse for a Dentist so they will not have to experience the headache that I am going through. Dr. Ranilo Tuazo did two crowns for me a little over a year ago. From the moment he put them in they didn't feel right, but he told me that was normal and I would need to get use to them. A few days after that one of the crowns came out in the middle of the night wile I was sleeping. I went back into the office and he "fixed" it and told me not to chew on that side... Recently both of those crowns have completely collapsed and came out, build up and all. I went in to have them "fixed" again and he told me that it would cost me $2500 because my insurrance wouldn't cover it... that they would only pay for a replacement crown after 5 years. Since the crown should last a MINIMUM of 5 years (most last much longer, if not the rest of your life) I assumed he would warranty it.. I was WRONG! He said that because I had missed a cleaning that it Voided the warranty on his work!!! I asked to see any contract or paperwork I had signed acknowleding this and he refused (because I never signed anything like that). Befor this he had always been pleasant to our family so I assumed when I went in to discuss this with him he would be reasonable and we could come to some sort of solution...again, WRONG! His attitude and demeanor completly changed. He was very rude and told me that he was not willing to do anything for me. I told him that I didn't want to resort to it, but I would contact and attorney. He said "Go ahead and try that, many have tried but no one has won". I left the office with nothing resolved and one hour later I recieved a call from Vacaville Police Dept... he had called the police on me!!! I was never threatening in my words or actions so I didn't know what he was trying to pull, after reading the other review on this page about him placeing a restraining order on a unsatisfied patient it seems clearer now. I called Delta Dental and they said that Dr. Tuazo was lying and that missing a cleaning does not void any warranty. I called the dental board to find out that he recieved his Schooling for Dentistry in the Philippines, which explains the 3rd world quality of his work. I am now stuck with 2 teeth in a ziplock bag and having to file complaints with the Board of Dentistry, Delta Dental, and the Better Business Beaurea. Don't be fooled like my family was, he may seem nice at first but when the rubber meets the road he does horrible work and doesn't back up any of it!!!
    I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has. Also, I would like to organize a strike in front of his office.. so if you are a victim of Dr. Ranilo Tuazo (Dr. T) please contact me!!! I want to make sure that he doesn't victimize anymore citizens in Vacaville!!!

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