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my husband and i attended this 2 hour seminar with the hope that we would be made an offer for our timeshare...a real cash offer. i told the person on the phone that i would NOT attend if they were going to sell me something. i was assurred that we would not be sold anything. my husband took time off of work, we drove an hour, sat there for 2 hours listening to a very informative spiel by Ken Labossiere, then the "offer" we were made is that WE could pay HIM $3995 for HIM to take our timeshare off our hands. now, to be fair to them...the card in the mail said, "they'd make us an offer"...and technically they did, just not the offer we were expecting, or within the normal interpretation of the phrase, "i'll make you an offer". but the tactics they used, the deceit in getting us there, the time we took off work...we were not happy. and some of the statements they made to frighten people, ie. that your timeshare obligation would be passed on to your children, grandchildren, etc...not true per our legal council. so...again, buyer beware.

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  • Ch
      Apr 08, 2009
    Vacation Ventures - not paying off maintenance fees
    vacation ventures
    1365 garden of the gods road
    Colorado Springs
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    vacation ventures were paid several thousand dollars to "buy back" my timeshare. they were to pay the current maintenance fees, but to date have not. now, i am being sent to collections and they have not paid the association fees. also, part of their company schedules vacations. i have asked for time at certain places but have not even received a phone call back. very bad business practice. i feel like i was scammed.

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  • Ci
      Apr 27, 2009

    Except for taking time off of work your scenario sounds exactly like ours. Besides all the scare tactics he seemed to try to impress us on how many big shot names of people he knew. Who cares! He could not look us in the eyes which means he is not telling the truth. He tried to get us with sympathy because his son was in the hospital from a skiing accident and even then he tried to impress us because his son was in the same room as some big shot football player.
    Buyer Beware.

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  • Af
      Jun 14, 2009

    Unless during the initial sale, special arrangements were made with the client to send Vacation Ventures their maintenance fee bill and Vacation Ventures would pay the property directly (this would be hand written in on your VVL contract) you are required to pay any fees due to the timeshare during the transfer process and submit proof of payment to Vacation Ventures for reimbursement. This is clearly stated in the contract you entered into with Vacation Ventures. Last paragraph, above your signature.

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  • Tr
      Aug 31, 2009

    My Father and I, just returned from this event hosted by Vacation Ventures LLC. It was the very same experience that has been decribed above. The mans name was Kevin and he said he is a producer who has been working with HBO in order to produce a documentary on Timeshares, ironically it will never air and is locked in a vault. He also threw out many famous names as well as saying his son was injured. The speech lasted 3 hours and they expected us to sign over our timeshare which my father has had for 20 years in just 5 minutes. I was amazed that we were the only couple to leave this event without handing over a check for 3, 995. This has scam written all over it and it needs to be stopped!

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  • Pe
      Jan 14, 2011
    Vacation Ventures - scam, fraud
    Vacation Ventures
    United States

    We paid them almost $ 3000 00 and signed a quick caim deed in return for no more timeshare, maintenance fees, and property taxes.They have done nothing. We filed a complaint with the BBB and Colorado Attorney General it has done no good. These people need STOPPED! The phone numbers we were givin have been diconnected.

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  • Da
      May 06, 2011

    Have any of you ###s read the agreement you signed when you bought the timeshare? You got scammed then, at least Ken was honest with you. If you don't deal with it now, your kids will... damn you people are stupid.

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