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  • Li
      Jul 21, 2010

    I supposedly signed up with Bargin Link to receive calls (at my work phone #) for offers regarding savings programs. I do not recall doing such a thing & especially do not remember giving my work phone # for such a thing.
    They were offering me 2 memberships (14-day trial) for their "savings programs" and wanted to send me a "free" $100 gas voucher (to be used at any gas station of my choice) -- all I had to do was give them $1.95 NOW for postage to send me my "FREE" $100 gas voucher and I could cancel at any time! After the 14-day trial I would "only have to pay $19.95/month" to continue with their wonderful savings programs.
    I order to sign up & get my $100 gas voucher all I had to do was give them my debit card or credit card number over the telephone - to which I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" and "REMOVE ME FROM YOUR AUTOMATED CALL LIST!"
    So, be careful - it seems like a scam to me - not sure - but I was not going to take a chance for $100.

    from Pennsylvania

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  • Mi
      Jan 17, 2011

    Hello, I am the Director of Membership Services for the program. is a membership savings program that offers thousands of US members thousands of dollars in savings on brand named products every day. I have seen that your account was cancelled when you called in as per your request. We definitely do not want members to feel that they were falsely signed up to our memberships. We have many practices in place to ensure that these types of issues do not arise. Please feel free to call us toll free at 1.866.295.1658 if you would like and additional information. Our customer service department is available an open 24 hours per day 7days per week for your convenience

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  • Km
      Feb 18, 2011

    i am trying to help a diabled gentleman cancel his membership to yourbargainlink cal. he did not understand what he was getting into when he was talked into this and now can't contact any one to cancel. the phone number is no longer in service and he has gotten a complete run around trying to contact this company. i think it is digraceful to take advantage of people this way.

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  • Hc
      Apr 08, 2011

    IMPORTANT: Vacation is a SCAM. Beware to all.

    I ordered my nuwave oven in the phone and they linked my name to vacation savers saying i will get free air tickets. They even gave my credit card no. I told them not interested but the nuwave oven staff said I can call them and cancel. The following day I called vacation savers but they keep on insisting to wait for discount coupon first and I still have 14 days to cancel. The following day they charged my credit card for $1. I called vacation savers tel. [protected] and told the customer service to delete my name and refund the $1 charges to my cr card because I did not authorized any charges. The customer service said she cannot refund payment. I asked for her name and she don't want to give it. I asked about 3x and very upset, finally she gave her name Olivia. She dont want to give her employee # and her last name. She said asking for her last name is personal, huh, what an answer!!! Dont even want to give her manager's name, instead she put me in voice mail and said someone will call me back. This vacation savers is a SCAM. If you are ordering something online or by phone dont let them put your name on this vacation savers. This scam office is located in Montreal Quebec.

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  • Fr
      Apr 15, 2011

    These companies are owned by Igor Reiant & Alex Weinstein...Russian [censor]!/profile.php?id=1044526951&sk=info

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  • Ze
      Apr 22, 2011

    I never signed up for bargainlink and I DO NOT WANT IT. I called to cancel and this foreign piece of crap would not let me cancel, he told me we will send you something else in the mail and then you can cancel. I DON'T WANT ANYTHING FROM BARGAINLINK! I just want to cancel this, I will change my bank account if I have too.

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  • Co
      Apr 26, 2011

    Please do yourselves a big favor and stay far away from this organization. Their 'Deals' are structured to trip you up every step of the way. I looked over the materials and realized everything was a set-up for failure, so I decided to return it for a refund. I called in to process my account for the refund. Everything went smoothly and was given a confirmation #, but told to call back to the escalation department to actually process the refund. Why? Just to complicate and confuse. Think about it. How many people with limited English or just rushing about their lives, would believe that their request for the refund and the confirmation number was the end of the process. In fact no refund would actually be given. But I was paying attention and I called back to the 'Escalation' Department to request the final processing of my refund, for services and product give-aways that I never took advantage of. I spoke with a gentleman, who informed me that I wasn't eligible for a refund, because I was counting the 2 week trial period starting on the day I received the package, which was now past. I explained that I had called in 2 days earlier. He said it didn't matter. I blew up and threatened to call every agency I could find to report this company, which claims to be located at 13621 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO 64145. The gentleman that I spoke with, who claimed to be the supervisor of the department told me that it is actually a Canadian company. I'm saddened, since for some reason, I have a preconception that Canada and Canadians have ethical standards that exceed those here in the US. Guess I'm confused. I guarantee you, once you give these people your name, address, phone number, credit card - all that information will be sold off to whomever they can sell it to. This organization should be reported to all applicable agencies. Watch out!!!

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  • Pu
      May 21, 2011

    After I bought Don Sullivan's dog training kit online, I have been involved in the same trouble these days...membership trial and 100 dollar gas voucher, then unauthorized 2 payments 1.95 dollars each for bargainlink .ca and I called these ghost companies on [protected] and [protected] to cancel my orders which I have never done. I have already changed my credit card numbers which is what you have to do first of all. Who can trust their words? They will never cancel your order even if you call them right away. What kind of person are they?

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  • Ju
      Nov 16, 2011

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! they operate under a ton of different names, including bargainlink, yourbargainlink, my bargainlink, myvacationsavers, bestvacationsavers, aragon, aragon interactive. they steal people's information from when they make tv orders, and then they sell your credit card information to other solicitors!! don't even bother calling these people, they lie through their teeth and they try to get as much money out of you as possible. if you were charged by them and didnt want it, DONT EVEN BOTHER TO CALL! go straight to your bank and tell them its fraud! the only way you'll be safe (as in, so your information doesnt get SOLD!) is if you change your credit card number completely. they're located in canada but they say they have a US address (which is a UPS STORE!) and a "european headquarters", but ITS NOT TRUE! BEWARE OF THESE COMPANIES!!

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  • Fi
      Jul 12, 2012

    Yes, these two supposedly companies named (VacationSavers/MyBargainLink and who knows what other names they are using) are nothing but a SCAM, ripping off innocent buyers online. Once you buy or subscribe to certain products/services available online, they somehow able to get all your info including your bank account. Then they will just debit your bank account for a certain amount that they will say you have subscribed for...which you are not even aware of doing. In my my case. they debited my account twice four days apart for $16.95. The first time was under the co. name "VacationSavers" for $16.95...four days later same amt. of $16.95 was debited to my bank account, but's under the name MyBargainLink. Remedy: IMMEDIATELY CALL or GO to your Bank. Tell your bank you DID NOT AUTHORIZED such transaction/s and then your bank will make the necessary reversal/s and will advice you what to do to avoid future occurrence of the same.

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  • Mr
      Aug 10, 2012

    The company is a complete ###. Not only am I outraged at BestBargainLink, but also at comcast which forwarded my call to them. When I give them my credit-card information, I was told that I would not be charged a penny. And somewhere in the talk they made me say yes to their ridiculous terms and condition. Fast forward 14 days after I had this call, notice that until this time I had not received any thing and I got charged 16.95 on my card. They had some random phone number on record, they did not ask me anything but my mailing address when I talked with them. So when I called them they said that I had agreed to pay them after 14 days and until then they had not sent me any information about being charged. They tell me that they would have emailed me but they did not because they never asked me for one. However they did made me confirm my credit card number a million times. Not to mention they had my number on the record wrong as well. After all this they were not ready to refund me until, I gave them a good fight.
    I think this company is primarily made for scamming people, and I equally despise companies like comcast that have links with scammers. Had I had any other options for internet at my apartment I would have gladly switched to them. Never going to like comcast anymore!

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  • Tg
      Nov 16, 2012

    I agree, this so called company is a SCAM!!! They took advantage of my elderly mother and she is just now discovering that bargainlink/vacationsavers has been taking $30.00 a month out of her account for the past eight months!!! We immediately went and changed the account card!! This is a person's only resolve!! I hope someone figures out how to shut them down!!! The bank is doing an investigation and God willing, she gets all that money put back into her account!! She, like other elders, lives on a fixed income.



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  • Sk
      Apr 27, 2013

    All of you are right, theses companies exist only to scam people and offer no real benefit to anyone. Their offices are staffed with people whose ONLY job is to 'retain' previous victims who now claim a reimbursement or at least a stop to the monthly billing.

    All theses companies had their so-called customer service supplied by another entity of the same family of scammers. It was called Aragon Marketing and it operated from offices in Old Montreal, Quebec but I think they might moved to Nun's Island, a small island very close to downtown Montreal. I searched the local Yellow Pages and found this:

    3000, boul René-Lévesque, Verdun, QC H3E 1T9


    Note that there is another boul. René-Lévesque in Montreal. This one is on Nun's Island, a part of the old city of Verdun.3

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