Vacation Property Trader / Vacation Property Trader Cheated Me!!!

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The salesman told me they had a buyer waiting and that my timeshare would be sold in 30 days. It's been over 90 days and nothing has happened. When I call no one calls me back and when I try to contact my representative I get many different stories but they all result in him not being there. Do not get scammed like I did.

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  • An
      Sep 21, 2009

    Their hiring practices are no better!


    I applied for an admin position. I was emailed to call and schedule an interview. I arrive at this scummy looking office building with almost no parking (10 spaces with 20+ cars tripled stacked – I had to park down the street). Inside their offices are even scummier (loved the sign on the door telling people that smoking too close to the door and getting smoke in the office is a $100 fine). At that point I’m told that Elli is running "a little" behind and asked to have a seat for a few minutes. Waited for OVER AN HOUR, had the pleasure of listening to an oh-so professional group of people dropping “F” - “S” – and other “bombs” all over the place and they realize that one of these lovely people is Elli, who was dressed to give interviews in holey torn t-shirt & jeans. Rather than interview me, he comes to the “lobby” and tells me that the position is filled but he sees I have telemarketing experience (yea - several employers and many promotions ago).

    WHAT A SCAM OPERATION - FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - similar tactics used to be used by the timeshare industry when they had blown through the telemarketing pool so badly that they couldn't get responses to their ads. Don't waste your gas, money or time!!!

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  • Sc
      Sep 23, 2009

    Yes Elli Allon is a POS and all his companies are scams. You should see the horror stories expressed about him, his scam company, and his employees on

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  • Su
      Jan 08, 2010

    I was contacted by someone from ResortVP or Vacation Property Trader after telling my story on RedWeek Alert. He said he would get my money back from the timeshare companies that have lied to me. Originally he said he took 30% but I could decide if I wanted to pay that. Some people did and some people didn't. Then today he told me he worked for ResortVP and if I wanted him to get my money back and sell my timeshare, it would cost me over $1, 300. Can't remember the exact amount - my brain went numb! Is this company legitimate or are they scammers, too?

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  • Al
      Mar 30, 2010

    I believe this to be a scam company. I listed my time with them more than 60 days ago and they have never gotten the listing right. MY listing is Marriott Mountainside in Park City, Utah. Today, March 30th, 2010, if you go to their home page and ask to see what they have in Park City, Utah, you will see one listing...but it is not mine! In fact it is impossible to find my listing, so there is no way they could get a buyer. I asked them to return my money, but they will not do so. I have learned a hard lesson to check out everything on the internet before I give a penny to any other party.

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  • Da
      May 17, 2010

    This low-life operation is lead by a con-artist (Elli Allon) and staffed with ex-convicts and so-called "EX"-drug addicts. What other kind of people (using that term very loosely) would be morally capable of literally stealing money from timeshare owners for their "advertising service?" If you are reading this because you are contemplating selling or renting your timeshare, I would hope all the comments above have helped you make the right decision, but, if not, do yourself a favor - DO NOT PAY UPFRONT FEES (they say it is illegal to accept commissions in timeshares sales - fine, call it a fee and have them take it from the proceeds). If you are still convinced this company is the way to go because the slick-talking salesman convinced your wife (as mine was) because their advertising service is second to none, do what I did pull a criminal report on that "salesman" - easy and free!

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  • Bl
      Jun 12, 2010

    Hey all.

    I as well am part of the scam trade of Elli Allon. I'm trying to build a case against him, but I don't know if one person is really going to change a lot, but here is what I have.

    I have spent several long phone sessions with Elli. He assures me that his company is legit, but offers no explaination for why his sales rep. Michael Glynn told me he could get me more than I paid for my Worldmark by Wyndham credits. (I know...I was suckered) So he claims that this 'rep." is an "independent contractor" and that his company is not responsible for what the representatives say?!?!?! Crazy huh?

    So if someone wants an upfront fee, ask if they are 1. an independent representative, and 2. Is the company they are selling responsible for what they are telling you.

    Go to to get in touch with the Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and file a complaint. They will send you paperwork to fill out. There was a case brought against them a couple years ago, and I'm trying to find the information again about it, but they had to pay out in customer restitutions. I'm trying to get on the next wave of those fines.

    Other associations they advertise on their brocheure (Call, email, file a complaint):
    ARDA -
    CRDA -
    Greater Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce -
    Greater Fort Lauderdale CofC -

    This guy should be behind bars. Help me fight him.

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  • Su
      May 28, 2011

    I had signed up with Vacation Property Trader last year and was working with a Nancy Rodriguez who promised she could get our money back from other companies we had been scammed by. She was so incredible and knew what to say. She didn't stay with the company and I couldn't get in touch with her after that. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute. It took a few months but they finally settled in my favor and my money, to my absolute shock, was returned to our credit card! THEN, this year I received a letter from Vacation Property Trader saying that I had signed a contract and they wanted that money! They had it written in legal terms and said that if I didn't send them the money or get in touch with them that they were going to take me to court and I would be responsible for all my legal fees and theirs! I had also been in contact with Alli last year and it sounded like his company was falling apart and he was in the middle of moving it. I have done nothing. Can they do this?

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