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Va medical center August a GA. / poor treatment of patients

1 Statham, GA, United States

I am sick of the disreguard that the VA has for it's patients. I have elected to use the VA only because I had to swallow my pride becuase I couldn't afford to go to the private sector to obtain medical attention. The latest case in point, I have called three times in the last month to get my stomache pills refilled. (My doctor didn't reorder my script last time I was there, and have been out for about a month.) I have two other persciptions that will expire 2 months before I am schedualed to see my primary care doctor, ( for all the civilians, there is no making appointments in this institution). When refered to their bone doctor, he had me make two trips down to the Augusta VA, (125 mile trip one way with no travel compinsation), just to tell me that he didn't want to mess with it and then laughed at me when I told him that I couldn't afford to get it done on medicare. He told me with a smirk that I should go to a trama center to get it done. Geez!! I WONDER WHAT THEY DO FOR THE RETURNING VETS WITH WAR WOUNDS????? " Sorry, we don't want to mess with it"? I mean I am not even equating my injury to their loss, but I know that I spent 6 years in the Marines, and I wonder how they treat other vets. It makies me sick to my stomache. If they were private sector doctors I would have FIRED them from being my physisian. As it is I am going back to the private sector and have them eat up what little money I have just to get the treatment I should have got gareenteed me with the so called VA benifits.


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