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Please don't take this the wrong way. In no way am I asking for anyone who has committed a crime to be let off without being punished and completing the sentence they are given. But I am complaining about how long it takes for VA Department of Corrections to calculate an inmates time and provide a DOC number or release date. If an inmate has served majority of this 85% suggested rule along with plenty of (good behavior) credit then what is the hold up. There have been constant complaints about the jails being overcrowded and I can definitely see the reason why. Yes they have committed crimes and I agree whole heartedly that they deserve to be punished but at some point the process of them getting to freedom needs to be evaluated and changed. Processing turn around time is 3- 6 months or more is absolutely ridiculous. By the time some of them are released they have served their time and pretty much started serving someone else's sentence before they hear from VA DOC. A lot of them need to make plans and so does the family on what they will do when they get out. But you can't really prepare if the only communication you get about going home is someone yelling pack up your stuff on the day your getting released. And that's why you have many that are repeat offenders because their road to freedom is so chaotic.
Please if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.
Thank you
Patiently waiting

Dec 30, 2014

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