V and V Cleaning Servicesbroken property, on the job injury, unethical behavior of owner

If you hire V & V Cleaning Services, I strongly recommend that you have the owner Veronika Burinskiy sign a contract to replace damaged property and that indemnifies you against any injury she sustains while performing her job as hired. I employed Veronika Burinskiy to clean my house weekly beginning in 2013. On April 12, 2017, while moping the floor, she knocked over a large planter in my foyer and it broke into many pieces. Unfortunately, she cut her finger on the broken planter. She went to the emergency room and got 9 stitches in her finger. On May 10, 2017, she reported to work as scheduled and told me her hospital bill exceeded $2000 and she expected me to pay for her medical bill (that she never presented to me). I explained to her that I was not at fault for her injury and was not agreeable to paying her medical bill. Nor did I ask her to replace my planter for $200. For the record, she has medical insurance and is the sole proprietor of a licensed and bonded janitorial company.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Spanaway, WAI believe that she was not reasonable to expect me to pay her medical bill because I was not at fault for her injury. After I refused to pay her medical bill, she quit her job on the spot leaving me in a difficult situation. In the end, I found that she was not loyal and not reasonable. While working she frequently talks on the cell with her husband and therefore is easily distracted. Maybe that's why she broke several wine glasses and china bowls during her employment. She never replaced any of the items she broke. She also over-extends herself and often rushes to finish her work to move on to the next job. During the summers and school breaks, she would bring her 15 year old daughter to work and she would work with her mother. Another liability. My desired resolution, was for Veronika to take responsibility for her injury and to pay her own medical bill as she has medical insurance. I did not ask her to replace the planter although I would expect her to have offered to do so since she is licensed and bonded.

May 12, 2017

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