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Upon signing up for the AT&T Uverse service, I was told I qualified for a $200 visa rewards card promotion. I was told that the reward would be sent to me within 8 weeks of installation. Service was installed on the 28th of August. A month later, i still had not received the reward but since i was told "8 weeks after installation", I determined to give them the full 8 weeks. After the 10th week, adn still no reward, I decided to give the rewards center a call. I was told that my card was sent on September 16th and because I didnt activate it, the reward had expired.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Charleston, SC EXPIRED???? Of the 3+ sales reps I spoke with during the setup for installation service, NONE of them mentioned an expiration!!! I told the rewards rep that the only thing I'd received from AT&T since installation, were letters inviting me to join U-verse which I thought represented a poorly managed business office but hey... I would like to know why the rewards expire. If its in the form of a VISA gift card, why, after less than 8 weeks, does it need to expire. Also, they sent me 5 or more invitations to Uverse after i'd already joined. Could not just ONE of those letter have included a reminder to activate, or a confirmaton of receipt for the card. I believe that this promotion was a SCAM from the very beginning. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!

Dec 17, 2014

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