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Utah Auto Sales / Scam and cheating

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In July of 2008 my husband and I purchased a 2007 Mazda CX-7 from Utah Auto Sales. We traded in our 2002 Nissan Altima and they were supposed to pay us $6300 towards our payoff on our loan and then we rolled the remainder of the money into our new car loan. A couple of weeks later they sent us a letter stating that they are currently 'restructuring' and that they would continue making payments until they could pay off our loan in full. They have NOT made ANY payments, nor have they paid the loan off. They have our Altima and sold it at auction, yet my loan is NOT paid off. Now the credit union where my loan currently is is saying that I need to make two months worth of payments otherwise it will hit my credit. My dad is the co-signer on my vehicle and is not able to refinance his house because of the delinquent loan. They do not return emails or phone calls and have a bunch of lame excuses each time I have gone in. I until November 20th to make at least two car payments on my car that I don't even have, PLUS I still have to make a payment on my new loan! Sounds like fraud to me!

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      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    Hey, I feel your pain. I am in the same boat. We don't have our license plates, my trade-in has not been paid off and apparently they sold us our new car without having the title to it (um, illegal!). We have an attorney and have filed a complaint with the Lindon police Dept as well as the DMV. Good luck to you and let's hope this gets resolved soon. :)

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      27th of May, 2009
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    We're getting screwed for over 30, 000 by Kevin Gallagher of Utah Auto Sales. He stole our Explorer, sold it at an auction and kept the money! Then wrote out a bad check for 21, 000 to my bank and it bounced immediately. His promises to pay have never come through and now the bank is coming after us for 21, 000 for a car that he stole. Plus, there is another case were he took a truck on trade from a man and sold it to another man and never paid the first guys bank. Then he took the second guys trade truck and didn't pay it off and tried to sell it at the same aution. This is a mess! We too will be filing reports of theft and fraud with Lindon police Dept. All of us that have been screwed need to file. At least he can serve jail time! Good luck to all the families that are suffering along with us, it's heart breaking and unfortunate, but hopefully we'll get justice! Charity

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      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Good luck with that, I have a $16, 500 loan, for a vehicle I don't have. Because I returned it the day after I picked it up (they lied to us about it not being in a wreck, then said they would -undue the loan- then they went out of business-) his partner Chris P. is honest, Chris out of his own pocket refunded my down payment. But I bought another vehicle from another dealership and I love it, kinda sad that they've destroyed the credit of so many people, heck I used to work for the company that mowed the their grass. pfft. I hope the credit unions/banks accept the properties in a swap.

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      26th of Aug, 2009
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    Hey, that's my story, but I didn't post it. Hmm.. interesting. Anyway now I am being SUED by America First Credit Union for the remainder of the balance AFTER I told them where the car was so they could repo it. So yeah, I'm stuck with the remainder of the loan and all of the repo fees AND the amount that was rolled over into my new loan that should've been applied to my trade in!!! AND KEVIN WALKS FREE!!!

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      19th of Feb, 2010
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    He did the same thing to me... Every month my credit keeps getting worse and worse and no one is doing any thing to Kevin to make this better. Yet the credit union breathes down my back? He makes me sick... Oh also beware because he is in the home market now. I guess he moved onto larger dollar amounts to screw people over with now. Does any one have an update on their situation? Has Kevin made it right with anyone?

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      16th of Aug, 2014
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    Has anyone got a response or got their messes cleared up? There is a repo on my credit from a loan he took out in my name for 18, 000 and I don't know how to get it offoff my credit. . Any ideas?

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      23rd of Dec, 2014
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    My name is David Johnson and I am trying to do something about this type of behavior I have created a website called and if you go there you will see my suggestions and comments. I think the consumer is tired of being taken advantage of by car dealers and wants a change now. The only way we can get a change is by contacting our local congressmen and attorney generals because laws need to be changed and enforced if we are going to be protected. And the more of us that complain the better our chances are of getting a response so you contact them and tell your friends and family to contact them since there is strength in numbers. In the St. George area the congressman is Chris Stewart and the Utah Attorney General is Sean Reyes and their websites are and all you have to do is go to the site and click on contact us. So let them know how you feel.

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