USVI Grapetree Bay &Resort& / Fraud

1 United States

USVI Graptree Bay is a Fraud!! The rates do not make any sense! Their are all for the profit! Have you ever heard of one paying for their cable...$20 plus AC $50 in a Resort (if one wants it)! The Islands are hot when it comes to the summer. one needs the AC, and so they generate profit out of that ($50 AC). The guests has to pay their own utilities too. Also Guests pay roughly a good $850 and there are no TV! No housekeeping! YES! No Housekeeping! U r sleeping on the same sheets that was just slept on. Guests clean their rooms upon checkout. After that another guest checks in to the same room another guest just clean. Who knows if they disinfected it!!! This is a fraud "Resort"!! Do Not be fooled by the pictures!!

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