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USPS / they don't care about customers

1 Whiting, IN, United States

I moved here 4+ years ago.After 2 years of some packages being stolen, "I live in a 6 unit apartment building with my unit being 27 stairs up from mailboxes.I asked USPS to simply "hold my packages there" and leave a package pickup note.You would think this would make their job easier considering they don't have to carry them.Not the case here.One simple request.They were holding "some" packages, "the samples I receive".When it comes to expensive packages, they decide to deliver them to the doorway downstairs.I placed the "hold package order" 2 years ago.Depending on who my mail carrier is that day is whether my packages will be held for pickup.I have been lucky enough to make it to mailboxes to retreive packages until last Friday.I had yet another package "with a tracking number" stolen.I had called USPS office when I saw it arrived at the office that morning as tracking number stated.I called to see if I could just come pick up my package that has the hold order on it, meaning, don't deliver it, leave a note.It should never have left USPS office that morning.The male voice said that I had to wait for the pickup slip to arrive in my box.I waited and "no slip".Later in the day, I went into the office where the desk clerk looked and couldn't find it, said it was probably yet to be delivered.I came home, went online to check tracking number.IT WAS DELIVERED TO THE BOTTOM FLOOR AGAIN.I had been checking this tracking number all day.Come to find out, it was delivered at 9:53am, about the time I originally called and before I went in.I called USPS office and asked to speak with supervisor who took my number and stated "he" a male would call me back with more information from the carrier.That call never came.The next day I called again and asked to speak with a supervisor AGAIN.This time I got a female.2 supervisors but can't get it right.This lady stated that "by law", they are "required" to deliver packages even with hold order.This left me stupified.I asked the usual common sense question of "what can I do to keep my packages safe"?She stated basically nothing.She told me that I was upset and diddn't want to speak with me.I stated "of course I am" I had to pay for a package that I will never see, let alone the time I waited and will have to wait for a new order.She diddn't was "my problem".After all of this I called customer service at the 1-800-ask-usps number.They took my complaint, gave me a complaint number and stated that somebody would call within 2 days.That was 5 days ago and still no call.USPS does not care what happens to you and unless everybody complains about the cruelty and carelessness they have experienced, they never will care.If anybody else in the country acted in this manner "THEY WOULD BE FIRED".Maybe this is why we all see the shipping rate hikes, because people don't want to lose their purchased items.I have learned from this to ask the people I order from and am forced to deal with USPS to send with signature confirmation with cost at my expense to ensure I get the items.I got my first notice today.A slip telling me that I can pick up my package in 2 days, "the carrier doesn't even know the date"lol.I called and asked if by chance my package was at the usps office and of course, "it's on the truck".Why is a package with a signature confirmation left at the office when the carrier REFUSES to come up the stairs and knock at my door?Now it just seems like punishment, it doesn't make sense.I am going to do the useless protocal of sending a letter to postmaster general but really don't expect anything more than what I have been getting because "THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PACKAGES".Even the mail comes when they feel like it.I know this because when their are 6 boxes without mail, somebody got mail that day.I hope the people get wise and make a stand to FORCE their tax dollars to work for them.In fact, they should give me the route here.I can do this job without even thinking and I would even know the really isn't funny though when you work for your money and buy things by doing your job and they flush your hard earned money down the drain.Oh, and to the person who stole my package, enjoy because what comes around goes around.I just want to make sure that you enjoy my hard earned money.In the meantime, the punishment from my local office, I am certain, has just begun because I complained.What can you do?There is nobody at USPS who cares.

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