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USPS / took my money and my mail

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Mailed 2 boxes to same address on the same day using Track and Confirm. Both boxes had 10 X 12 bright blue labels written on in Sharpie black pen. I paid for PRIORITY MAIL for a 2-3 day delivery. USPS advertises this everywhere and charges more for it. Both boxes made it to Denver in 2 days. 1 box delivered to its destination the next day. 2nd box disappears. 10 days later, Track and Confirm says my box is in Maryland but no one can explain, nor can anybody find my box. I've called customers service 4 times. I've been told a "supervisor" will call me back, but so far no call. My calls to customer service get a lot of I'm Sorry's but no action. USPS has taken my money, my property and gets away with it. At the very least, this is false advertising, fraud, a broken contract, and in my mind theft. I'm out the $25 priority delivery (which I now learn is not guaranteed), the contents of my box, the time effort and money to put the box together and mail off. No more boxes in the mail EVER!

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  • Da
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    USPS is not reliable for delivering packages on time. Do not use them if you want a pkg delivered in a timely manner. While they advertise 2-3 days for priority mail, my last pkg arrived in 5 days, long after the time I need the items. Of course, since they are government, one has no recourse.

  • Kr
      26th of Dec, 2008
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    Unfortunately, I was a first-time victim of stolen gifts this year. Several boxes I sent to different parts of the country arrived missing several items and had things replaced instead of the original hand-made/sentimental gifts I sent.

    In one case a basil seedling plant was stolen and replaced with a blue book value on motorcycles and ATV’s… the gift was actually taped back up with this instead! Luckily my family thought this was fishy and called to ask me about it, otherwise I would never have known. This tipped me off to call and check on everything else and resulted in a very melancholy Christmas day as the amount of stolen items grew. (It was my first Christmas living away from home and it really added to the grief.)

    It breaks my heart that you cannot trust the postal service. This had to happen here in LA because things were mailed to different locations. At this point it is only my word against theirs, but nothing was worth much retail value… just sentimental value, so I declined additional insurance when they asked. When I did so, the postal worker said, “Your loss” which I guess she meant! Considering I mailed everything way ahead of time and nothing was of much retail value, I thought this was a safe bet.

    Since this is a federal fraud, the more instances they find of similar crimes will result in a greater punishment.

    It’s hard to imagine anyone could sleep at night after stealing gifts with only sentimental value, but I guess anything is possible during these hard economic times.

  • Fo
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    I've seen these USPS people in action. The blame can be put on only one person; Postmaster General. When Porter took over in 2004 there was a surplus(sound familiar, like Bush) of funds available. He answers to NO one in particular so(actually he does but they don't care either) so he sits behind a larger Cherry desk making a measly $800, 000 with bennies waiting for retirement. Call your local post office see if you can find a Postmaster. I doubt very seriously because they were trained by the master.
    Sent a Certified letter a distance of 800 miles. USPS lost it, or couldn't tell me if the party every received it. Tracking a joke, to get extra funds. Means nothing unless you pay extra for items like "receipt return" or what ever the best money maker is. Funny part about the certified letter I sent and they(USPS) could'nt find, , , , , , , , well it happen to be a Passport with a Cashiers check and important docs, , , , , , , my wife and I flew to D.C. to personally renew her Passport, , , , , guess what, , , , , , , , it was sitting on the Embassy's desk. This happen in a period of 5 months. USPS had NO clue where or who delivered it! And didn't care.

  • Do
      4th of Aug, 2011
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    Postmaster General
    U.S. Postal Service
    475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW
    Washington, DC 20260-0010
    Dear Mr. Postmaster General:

    I am constantly appalled at the current idiocy of governmental agencies and workers. My husband has been a government employee all of his life, 30 years military, 15 state. We are very patriotic, our flag flies 24/7, lit at night as prescribed, but are still disgusted with the general stupidity of the system.
    Recently, I reused a couple of priority mailing boxes to ship something parcel post. I have been an avid recycler for over 30 years, long before it became public policy. More importantly, I first avoid wasteful packaging and design, then I re-use whenever possible. My packages were returned to me with a nasty note that looked like a 3rd grader had written it. It was clear that the boxes had been previously used and opened although I was careful to mark out barcodes and other markings. I fail to see how, legally, the USPS can claim that even after the original contract was paid and fulfilled (original mailing use) that the boxes are still their property and subject to ANOTHER priority fee. Following that methodology, the same box could net multiple fees if users were careful not to destroy it. The fact that I DO have the right to tear it to shreds and either trash or recycle it after the original contract is fulfilled is hypocritical…. and at the very least, ludicrous. Equally hypocritical is that the box is printed with an admonition to “please recycle” but USPS refuses to allow me to recycle it by using it for another shipment after it has already been used.
    Despite your irrational policy, I have found a solution. The same day I was forced to open and repackage my parcels, I directed every entity that communicates with me via USPS to change my billing/communication format to electronic and I signed up for electronic billing so that even my online checks are no longer mailed. I filed several “stop junk mail” items as well. Each day since this event I have taken EVERY piece of mail that enters my mailbox and called or written the sender requesting that they no longer send me communication through the USPS mail system. I will choose alternate shipping methods when I buy and, finally, I have renegotiated my account shipping fees with UPS and FedEx and will now use them exclusively. The few extra dollars going into the private economy will be worth it.
    I’m sure that your solution will be to raise postage fees. When that happens, rates at other shipping companies will become even more competitive. As the delivery schedule for those companies becomes more consistent, they undoubtedly will offer more services at even more competitive prices. No wonder USPS and the government in general is in trouble!
    I recall that many years ago I took the postal exam and scored 100% on it. After a couple of interviews, I was told by one employee that I had little chance of ever being hired because I was white (actually I’m part Native American, but do not use that fact to my favor). She told me that minorities got extra points and could exceed a score of 100%. Again, “nice”, “very nice”. While I absolutely agree that veterans might get extra points, (they actually sacrificed themselves for the government), I never understood why a person’s race should give them any advantage. Mine certainly has not. During my lifetime I have lost out on many things, despite the fact that my qualifications were higher, because of my race, not because of my ability, skills or character. As I get older, I can see that the government is often given to irrational thought and policy, which the USPS so deftly exampled recently.
    Since I do ship rather regularly, and did have some new boxes, I have “recycled” them into my recycling can as I will no longer need them and each box clearly directs me to recycle. Our local government will have to pay to have them recycled and energy and water will be wasted, but, apparently, that is the preferred solution of the USPS.
    Thanks so much for the enlightening experience! But, then, I’m guessing you care very little as you will still collect a very nice pension, far better that men and women who have sacrificed their lives, limbs, safety, health and families and until, recently, have been paid below poverty level in military service to our country. You should be very proud. I often wonder why postal employees go crazy and kill other employees; it would be far more legitimate if the consumers were wielding the guns.
    Nice job, hopefully more citizens will respond the same, and I’m sure they will!

  • Cr
      25th of Aug, 2011
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    First off you used a priority box to mail something parcel post something very different than priority if you would have mailed that reused priority box for priority then you would not have received that box back. Parcel post means you are only paying for the parcel to go one way if the receiver does not except the parcel then its your responsibility to pay for it to come back to you, so I suggest that customers ask questions before they send out what ever it is that is being sent out. The public is not educated and get angry because they cant do whatever they want to do.

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