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We have been getting the run around while trying to receive payment for Snow removal and landscape maintenance services. I have left numerous messages with the "person who has your information" and have yet to receive a call back. When I do speak with someone they are always not authorized to access the information that we are looking for. We have followed and jumped through all the hoops to document our work. All the proper forms have been submitted and resubmitted. I have received requests for the same forms from three different people, yet none of them seem to get the forms to correct person. I am completely fed up with this company. I do not understand business practices like these. How can a company like this get a client like Walmart. I do see what Walmart cancelled its contract with USM after seeing how they operate. I would like to discuss this with others in the same circumstance as my company. Please feel free to contact me to compare notes and maybe any inside tips to contact higher ups within USM that may care about how their company is being represented.

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  •   Jul 06, 2011
    USM transfield - NON payment
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    I would like to repete whats on the business cards of usm employees. "We lead the way, We do what's right, We care for each other, we take responsibility! They cant live up to making a phone call let alone an email. I would like everyone who is getting screwed by them to agree on a news agency like Date line and flood them with usm info. Then lets see how fast they straighten up AND DO WHATS RIGHT!!! THEN get shut down.!!!

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  • Mu
      Jul 20, 2011

    Disgruntled ex employee who worked for 2 weeks

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