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U-ship is a ripoff. I know I use u-ship to find stuff to haul w/my pick-up and vehicles to drive for people to try to make some $

First of all the people running u-ship use deceptive practices both w/shippers and tsp's.

Next they do not care about an honest person trying to make a buck. All they care about how much money they can put in matt chasen's (The founder) pocket. They charge tsp's that go beyond what they consider a normal cancellation rate extra bid fee's. Just way for them to rip folks off and put extra $ in chasens poicket.

A lot of guy's are bidding rediculously low on stuff and undercutting others who are placing reasonable and fair bid's. Also there shippers who have no idea about how much it really cost's a tranporter in fuel, maintaince and insurance for his truck.

Lastly, when a shipper pays a deposit to u-ship the tsp does not get it though u-ship tells the shipper they do. It goes to cover the tsp's bid fee. U-ship does not tell the shipper that. I've run into quite a few customers who did not know that I don't get the deposit they paid.

It's time for u-ship to stop being so greedy and stop being so quote nuetral and start being honest and fair!!!

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  • Ke
      Jun 16, 2012

    u-ship is a scam they charge unreasonable rates for using the site if a customer of a service, provider, makes any type of complaint they freeze my acct. tell the customer its the ser.prov. fault .i have been on location to pic up an item in at at least 4 occasions and customer would not pay half of fee as agreed to, in "bid details", but u-ship puts the blame on me.suspends my access to find other items and raises, my rate for using there site it was almost 30%, at the time i quit working w/them.i urge any one, PROVIDER OR SHIPPER, TO AVOID USHIP AND PAY-PAL, THEY ARE PARTNERS, IN DECEPTION.IM SEEKING AN ATTORNEY TO RECOUP MY MONEY LOST WHICH HAS PUT ME OUT OF BUSSINESS.SINCERELY KEN SNEAD 7101, STRAWBERRY RD.CHATAM VA.24531

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  • Tr
      Jun 26, 2013

    USHIP does not allow the service provider, to disclose the fact that USHIP add a fee to the bid amount. Also we can not post any company contact . The Lister of an item to ship gets charged a fee to list the item, USHIP adds fees to the bid amount, and the shipper pays a fee to receive the balance of funds owed to them. I don't trust the company but it is very hard to find brokers in the boat shipping sector of trucking.I am currently suspended from USHIP for 30 days because a picture of my truck shows the company name and a phone number. USHIP understands, if a customer can call the shipper directly, they would not have any more business. The trucking companies would be able to run the loads at a lesser amount because our bid would not have all the fees tacked on the it. They hold all the card and hold a thumb on the tail of us, so we can not do anything on our own. I hope I am not alone in my opinion about this company, USHP. My name is Alex and I am a service provider in the USHIP directory and I haul boats.

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