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Bought a 2008 Dodge Ram 4x4 from this dealer with a 2 year powertrain warrentee
2 days later needed to replace rear end, cost me $982 dollars, a couple of days later felt something funny in front end, took to their mechanic and was told it was nothing all dodge trucks do that, brought it to a dodge dealer and they inspected it and told me it needed 2 new struts, new control arms, new tie rod ends, total cost 2800 dollars, advised Macdonald buick of issue and was told I bought the truck as traded and that my bill of sale showed that, well looked at my bill of sale and it did not have anything about as traded, was told by the salesman when he took a copy of the quote for repairs that he would speak to his manager and call me back, well it has been 3 months and cost me a total of 3500 for all repairs and still not have heard from them, I would not recommend anyone buying a used vehicle from Macdonald Pontiac buick, very poor service, and don't stand behind their own used vehicle policy that they clearly post on the walls

Feb 11, 2015

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