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Feb 4, 2012 I bought a 2004 Cadillac srx. A Cadillac SRX with two cracked engine coils, a reset computer in dash screen (detects problems in the car, so it could be sold) and electrical tape in the engine holding the coils together over the spark plugs, which cost me $433.00 on op of the steering wheel position sensor, gas cap, air filter, to fix the car in order for the car to run properly. I sent pictures to the BBB and the business is a "warranty issue". NO IT IS A REALLY ELECTRICAL TAPE IN THE ENGINE HOLDING THE ENGINE COILS on top of the spark plugs OF THE CAR YOU SOLD ME ISSUE!! I have sent pictures to the BBB in response to Used Car Inc., on Saw Mill Run Blvd in Pittsburgh Pa., because they tried to state wasn't their issue. They saw the cracked/broken coils, and saw this was not a warranty issue but a "Hey let's get this car outta here before we have to reset the computer again and it shows what's wrong in the engine", issue! I just received a email now telling me that since I sent the pictures as evidence to Used Car World who tried to pass it off as a warranty issue..and hasn't communicated any further since I submitted the photos. As of 4/27/2012 my case is now closed. That's fine they don't have to reply and pictures don't lie! They do now have a F rating with the speech in America, priceless.

Used Car World Inc
Used Car World Inc

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