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Used car Sales / Fraud and misrepresenting a product

1 745 E Main Street Geneva, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (440) 466-9589

This place sold a used car, a dodge Neon that was promised to be safe and reliable. It was $600 down and $65 per week. Obviously there was a credit issue as the buyer but I was assurec I was getting a ready ride vehicle. I was infulenced by his repored faith in GOd and self reported dedication to his cumtomers. He offered a 30 warrenty that he would pay half of the cost of any repairs if something went wrong. Well the second day I noticed the steering was seriously dangerous. He said that he would have his mechanic look at it and that now the warrenty was only good at his mechanics shop. THe mechanic said that the car needed three tires and also aligned. He said the speedometer was also broke which he said just needed a $85 sensor, of course plus labor. I called Auto Zone and the sensor was $45 there . It dawned on me that possibly the dealer and mechanic had a deal to double to cost of everything thus the dealer had to pay nothing. I bought three new tires and a sensor and had another mechanic that specializes in alignment do the work. Well the dealer only paid half for the aligment and half of $45 for the sens caor that did not fix the speedometer proble. Thne I found out it needed a strut and the metal was tristed where the strut fit and needed straighten. The dealer called that a natural maintainance probleem that was not his problem. SO with the car in the shop almost three weeks and paying $65 a week for a ready to ride car. Well I had to borrow a car for two weeks and missed some work. Thne the oil was leaking and the car was not shifting out of first gear again I had to get another estimate and not drive the car on the highway afraid it would blow something or I would be stranded the 35 miles I drive t owork nightly. Well I was hehind a payment and a half because he would not respond to my concerns about the safety or repairs I had been making on the car and one evening came with two other vehicals and a tow truck and towed the car away... no concersation, no explaination just a guy with a tow truck and I saw him in another vehicle. I didn't say the two vehicles blocked me from moving while I was pulling the car out of my driveway. But no explaination... not partial refund. So I had a car for about five weeks paid over $600 for it ...$200 in payments, three new tires I paid for without any of his 1/2 stuff which was almost two hundred. He paid $4 0 for $120 alighment and repair... and he takes the car...


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