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Used Auto Imports / Criminal Company

1 442 S. Atlanta St.Roswell, GA, United States
Contact information:

AVOID THIS "DEALERSHIP" AT ALL COSTS!!! They have been ordered to pay $60, 000 in restitution to customers who have been victims of their fraudulent practices for selling previously wrecked cars, etc., etc., etc. Plus, $25, 000 in civil penalties and administrative fees. Plus, an additional $25, 000 if any other customers step forward as victims. Here is a link to one of the news articles I found online:
We are shopping for a BMW X5. Found this "great deal" 150 miles and 3 hours from home, at Used Auto Imports in Roswell, GA. My husband called, confirmed it was available. Ali, a salesman there, told us it was indeed still available and described it as "immaculate". We paid a $100 refundable deposit via phone to hold the car, and he agreed to meet us at the dealership at 9am on April 27. (Normally they open at 930am, but we told him we had a 9am appointment at the BMW dealership for pre-buy inspection, before we committed to the purchase so he said he'd meet us early so we could make our appointment.) When I googled the address to find directions to the lot, the dealership name came up as "Alpha Cars". Strange, I thought. Same address, different dealership name. It caught my attention, but I stupidly disregarded it. *See note later below.* We drove 3 hours to the dealership, arrived at 830am, waited, and waited...and waited. While we waited, we noted that the car was still parked in the lot, in the front row, and was also still listed "for sale" on their website, despite the deposit we placed on it to hold it for us. Our first indication that this was a very, very bad situation should have been the dilapidated state of the "sales office" and "service shop". We were so shocked an appalled that I took pictures with my cell phone. We peeked in the windows of the "service shop" and saw total disarray, mess, looked like it had been abandoned. Ali finally showed up at 945am - 45 minutes after the agreed upon meeting time. He knew how far we would have to travel to get there, and he knew we had a 9am BMW inspection appointment. (There was also another customer there, who said Ali had told her, too, that he would meet her at 9am - she, too, was fuming.) He offered us a brief apology, no reason or explanation for rudely and disrespectfully making us wait on him. The car was advertised as having 66k miles. The carfax report he sent us (at our request) said it had 68k miles. We noted that, but thought maybe it had been a typo. The odometer read 70, 173 miles. Together with Ali, we researched that the difference in value was $400 based on the difference in mileage...Advertised vs. Actual...a $400 difference. He said, "The most I'll give you off of our agreed upon price is $100." Finally, we talked him into giving us $200 off and we continued with the process. We looked over the car, noting how filthy it was - both inside and out. Covered in pollen on the outside, and on the inside, we were treated to dust, dirt, and women's hair! They made absolutely NO effort to prepare the car for us, though we had paid a deposit and planned on buying the car that day! We're sure he was late in meeting us, in an effort to prevent us from having the professional inspection done, but we did it anyway. The BMW dealership performed the inspection and found $7, 000 worth of needed repairs, including new transfer case, outter CV boots, and a host of other things. We showed the BMW inspection report to Ali. He flat out refused to lower the price of the car or perform the required maintenance. He then asked us for a copy of the report of the inspection, for which WE had paid $150!! Of course, we told him NO and left without buying the car. Before we left though, my husband said, "So are you going to leave that car on the lot, knowing the problems that exist, and hope some unknowing buyer purchases the car without having an inspection done?" To that, Ali replied, "Yes, unfortunately, that is the nature of our business." When we got home, I did some internet research on both Alpha Cars and Used Auto Imports and found 2 different CBS Atlanta news reports about this dealership, detailing their criminal, deceptive, fraudulent practices. I also discovered that this dealership has existed under about 5 different company names to avoid detection and have even gone as far as doctoring information on Carfax reports which they then provide to customers, to "prove" they are free from previous accidents. Google it yourself, you'll find the same thing, as well as tons of reviews from other customers, reports from the Better Business Bureau, and undercover video investigations from CBS News. BUYER BEWARE

Apr 27, 2013

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