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USBI Voicenet / Charges on Phone Bill

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I had a charge on my telephone bill. I googled and called Voicenet. I told the receptionist that on my phone bill, it stated -- USBI behalf of VoiceNet Telephone, LLC. The receptionist stated that they do not charge and do not have access to charge the telephone bill. She also stated that they are not VoiceNet Telephone and USBI does not show up on their invoices.

I was so upset. So I googled other Voicenet's. I found www.voicenetplus.com. It states right on their home page: "Charges for your monthly calling plan will appear on the local telephone bill on the USBI bill page as being billed on behalf of VoiceNet Telephone, LLC." Plus the charges they advertise matched my bill.

This information helped me, maybe it will help you. I pulled this from their website:
Any time you wish to cancel service, just email us at cancel1@voicenetplus.com or call our Customer Service Department at [protected]. VoiceNet Telephone, LLC. provides network long distance service, and VoiceNet Telephone, LLC. is the underlying service provider.


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  8th of Jul, 2009
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This also happened to me. Here is some additional information that hopefully someone will find useful and pursue these people.

When you call the Customer Service number they are quick to oblige and cancel the CURRENT charges. If you find this a couple or several months down the road, they will not refund those.

They also claim to have an completed form via a pop-up add with my IP address that confirms that I signed up for the service. By placing bogus pop-up ads they can snare you very easily.

When you complain to Verizon, they will only tell you that you the customer has subscribed and they have already paid USBI/Voicenet on behalf of you and you are reimbursing Verizon. Since they are probably factoring (paying USBI only 75 or 80% of what is billed) the payments to USBI, they are profiting from this as well, so they are in no hurry to investigate them or shut them down.

I am currently in the process of trying to get the documentation from Voicenet on the so called authorization form. Wish me luck.
  23rd of Jul, 2009
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i am on hold right now try ing to get through to these crooks. i am so mad i feel like i'm going to have a corinary! i so sick of corp. america ripping people off. why are these practices legal?! this is not the first time or second or third i've been ripped off by mysterious billing on my phone bill, that's why i'm so P.O.'ed. I hope somebody will go after these types of companies in court. If i had the finances i surely would in a heart beat!
  26th of Jul, 2009
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they are not crooks or a scam if you didn't sign up for it then you should want the application to know who did, it does seem like a hassle but if it turns out to be fraud it's on the person who signed up under false pretenses, alot of people in their ignorance think it's some kind of scam but if you look for the times anyone has complianed to the fcc it's all found to be legit, some people go to the bbb but it doesn't get resolved because the company did anything wrong but because like most companies they want to resolve any dispute with the bbb. What you should do in the beginning or what your phone company should do is advise of a 3rd party block which stops companies from doing this without pre authorization.
  12th of Aug, 2009
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I to just found out that this same Co was charging me for it's service. And I never signed up for it. Its sad for me because it took me 2 years to catch it. I don't know what to do.
  13th of Aug, 2009
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I just found a similar bogus charge, called them and cancelled it. They claimed I signed up on the Internet. They are giving me a refund for one month and putting a block on the line (so hopefully this won't happen again). This is criminal and these thieves need to be prosecuted!
  14th of Aug, 2009
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I am currently on hold with VoiceNet at 877.860.3006 and have been for the past 25mins. Apparently the VoiceNet supervisor is working with another person probably trying to resolve this same error...I had my primary service provider last month credit me directly for this bogus charge...it appeared again this month and now I must deal with USBI/VoiceNet directly...The first time you call you get a CSR who will cancel your request but will not credit you the amount owed...They will send you a copy of the request to open this account...which after receiving is totally bogus...the name is not me and the address is not me...only the phone number. Our primary service providers MUST verify via phone or email with their customers before allowing ANY 3rd party to charge your account.
  14th of Aug, 2009
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it's now been 35mins and i'm still on hold...after receiving the email showing the request signing up for VoiceNet you must call back 877.860.3006 and ask to speak with a supervisor...the CSR is not entitled to credit your account...still on hold...this is ridiculious!!!
  14th of Aug, 2009
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it's now been 45mins...
  14th of Aug, 2009
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after 62 mins I was finally able to talk to a supervisor...They stated they cancelled the acct. and block the number to avoid this from happening again...what they didn't volunteer was to credit my account for the charges...only after I mentioned I wanted my acct. credited did they process the request ...if anyone else has this same problem please don't hang up the phone after they say we have cancelled the acct. and blocked your phone number to avoid this from happen again...get your money back! I will continue to scan my phone bill each month for these bogus charges...
  17th of Aug, 2009
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Some people sign up for these services to only receive the free participation gift and then forget to xcl the acct. Then only to leave them mad at the company Voicenet itself. Voicenet is not bogus and doesnt just sign up anyone's phone # they do require legit info. And they do give credit that is due.
  20th of Aug, 2009
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This company IS Bogus!! I have a business with 3 lines. 3rd line is used for faxes only. this is the line that got the charge added to it. I called and they sent me an email with the information of the person who supposedly signed up for it. Guess what, it wasn't me. not my Ip address, not my name, address is different from my billing address, different towns, even the ip address is in a diferent state. So, I called to speak with the supervisor, held for about 15 minutes, then was told the supervisor has 4 people waiting on hold, and it will be over 20 minutes. I bet. Let's see if they actually call me back. company is bogus, otherwise they would have noticed the difference in addresses and names.
  27th of Aug, 2009
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Absolutely accurate. Someone who is not me allegedly signing up on line for service. Allegedly only a supervisor can authorize removal of charges and they are difficult to reach. Be alert. Complain to your service provider, as I have.
  6th of Sep, 2009
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It is funny that there are a few posts so eager to defend Voicenet and USBI by calling them legit companies and somehow it is the fault of the consumer that they are getting ripped off. I just discovered yesterday that I had been billed by USBI for services from Voicenet that I had never authorized. I called the 877-860-3006 number also and in the strongest terms demanded them to explain to me how they were adding their services to my phone bill without my authorization. THey gave me the same story as others are saying. It was ordered online and that they had a name, phone number, address, email, birthdate, and IP address to give them authorization. Funny thing is that all but the phone number were bogus. How can you say they are not at fault chadam813?! Who stands to gain from this scam?! Read these two articles and judge for yourself. Google "Seized items from jailhouse millionaire being sold Sunday" and read the news story about the founder of Voicenet. So far I have written to my state's Attorney General's office and filed complaints with the Federal Trades Commission in regards to USBI and Voicenet's fraudulent practices.
  15th of Sep, 2009
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I just had my phone bill charged for the same thing everyone is complaining about. I called USBI and demanded an explanation. They of course said that they received an application via the internet, therefore, I demanded a copy of that application. It took me 4 phone calls but I got it. The application had some of the information correct but not much. The thing is, you get some kind of vacation voucher for signing up. I think people are making up email addresses and other information and then clicking on the vacation voucher link and redeeming. However, if you get a copy of the application, it shows the IP address the application came from. Once you have the IP address, go to whatsmyipaddress.com and do a search with that IP address. It will pull the name and in my case, it was a company. It stated what state they were in and what area code. I then googled that company and found the full address and telephone number. I haven't called yet becasue I am still trying to figure out my next move. I may create an email address and then email the address that was used on the application and see if I can get any type of name. I will then call the company and report the employee doing bogus applications.
  15th of Sep, 2009
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I had VOICENET deduct $30 from my Bank Account, and I did not order for the service. When I supplied my 3 phone numbers, they stated that they had no records of my account. How did they get my Account nbr, is what puzzles me! And I did not authorize any deductions either. They should be taken to court for fraud!
  19th of Sep, 2009
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I read that article has nothing to do with anything. As I said before I'm sure there are people who legitimally want the service, just as I am sure there are people who sign up only for the gifts or through surveys they take online. From what I can tell it does seem like a hassle but the people do seem to get their money back if it is fraud after following the guidelines. I'm sure that are in place from having any other person who signed up used the service the didn't want to have to pay for it, so says it wasn't or if their children signed up for it. Perhaps if you honestly didn't sign up you shouldn't have to be penalized for other peoples actions about being dishonest, unfortunately there is no way around it, not to mention if someone is doing this to you, you should want to know who, because you can take care of the voicenet, but there is a multitude of companies that can bill to your phone that this person could go to. Just like if you've ever lost a credit card or had someone steal your identity it's a process to get resolved and you have to do the work even if it isnt' you're fault. It's unfortunate but true. Everyone always wants their way, and wants it now, thinks they deserve everything at their beck and call. That's not real life. Take it to the FCC if you would like too, but if you google the cases they're all resolved with the company doing nothing illegal. Because they do have safegaurds as well as resolutions in place. The person who broke the law was the person who signed you up for the service so if it wasn't you, you should take that information they give you to police. You should also contact your phone company to see what measure they can place to help prevent this for you. Wasting your time throwing a fit is nothing more than that a waste of time.
  14th of Oct, 2009
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USBI Voicenet - phone charges
United States

I too have had services added to my phone service by USBI Voicenet Telephone. It turns out that a neighbor kid filled out a sweepstake entry online, using my phone number. When I contacted Voicenet, they were not helpful at all. My question to them was how can they charge my phone service, when none of the other information entered by this kid was mine. Neither the name used or the address match my billing information. I have resolved the problem thru Embarq, my phone service provider, but it did take 7 phone calls and about 5 hours on the phone one night. My suggestion to others out there - call your local phone service and put a block on your phone. No changes will be able to bemade to your service unless they contact you first. All people should do this before there is a problem.
  6th of Nov, 2009
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I just realized that I was being charged for long distance from VoiceNet on my AT&T bill as well, even though AT&T already has me on an unlimited long distance plan (?). I called VoiceNet, and they also told me that had the information about the signup on the internet, with my phone number, name, etc, but when they sent me the info, the IP address, email and birthdate were all incorrect. I called them back, and (SURPRISINGLY!) within 5 minutes I had spoken to the first contact, and the supervisor, who removed the current charges, and said anything from past bills that had already been paid had to be processed through the refund department. I was asked to fax all the bills that were fraudulent, and told they would be refunded in full, including the gov't taxes! I must say it was too easy to get them to agree to fix this mistake. I was pleasantly surprised. Not we'll see if the refunds actually show up on the bill. Now I have to block all 3rd party charge access via AT&T.
  6th of Nov, 2009
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no kidding, i see this charge on my bill - wtf! i call att, they can't do anything, the fcc allows the charges wtf i say again! so i'm hold with this fraud company to get this stopped and now. i'm taking this to my local reps, the state attorney and anyone else who will listen.
  10th of Nov, 2009
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Skip calling customer service, they will only refund the current month's bill. ATT is the one to complain to. Also some other information that might help

Voicenet's Accouting department is headed by Edward Murren, ask for Ed

The owner of the Company if you want to serve papers

Cathy Burgergray
6059 Allentown Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17112

You might ask Ed for her phone number when you call him.

Voicenet customer service is located in Washington, MO, however, their
"corporate" headquarters is in Harrisburg, PA.

When I get more information I will post it here as well.

Good hunting, the only way to get this to stop is to make their lives so bad they pay attention so call call call.

One last piece of advice for anyone that reads this post. ATT will at no charge block your phone numbers from Voicenet and USBI being able to charge to the account. IF you're reading this, unless you block all of your numbers from being charged, even if you get a refund, they could do it again.

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