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Dear all ;
My name is jihan ahmed from egypt which china company in putian cheat me which i Transfer money 5000$ to the cheater boss ( zhouchaozheng ([protected]) from 2-6 till now no order (Ram DDR2) and no back money, and they cvhange name of company (usb totoby ) ( and drop down it and build another and another to cheat again the following information is right and please please take care they are very professional cheater :
The sites of cheater companies for that cheater boss is the following :,,, (,
they use many mobiles number as :
Grace Mobile : [protected] ---[protected]-- [protected]- and lydia is Mobile ( [protected] )-- [protected] -- [protected]-- [protected] --[protected]
number for rent houses .. to cheat more as :
tel 0086-[protected] - Tel.: [protected] Fax: [protected]-[protected] -86-[protected]
and many emails address like :
E-mail: [protected]; [protected] ;[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected]@hotmail;[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected] more ABA,
.. there are more email address wil start is section huayu...**
the fuke address like :
1701, 17/F, Henan Building, 90 Jaffe Rd Hong Kong
Hong Kong
NO.B233, wholesale trade market, international electronic building, huaqianbei, futian district, shenzhen cityChina
international electronic building, huaqianbei, futian district, shenzhen cityChina, friend, this is the address at shenzhen
or 0901, Block B, Fu Yi Ya Ju, Zhenhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Putian City, Fujian Province after the Maple Pavilion buildings north gate on the 8th
and the transfer by bank :
Bank of China Beneficiary:putian branch longqiao local branch Putian Fujian China
Swift code:BKCHCNBJ73C
Payee:chaozhen Zhou
Bank’s account:6013. 8264. 0700. 3127.186
Bank Details(T/T):
Beneficiary's Name: jianhuang lin
Bank's Name: Bank of China
Account Number: [protected]
Swiftcode: Bkchcnbj73c
Beneficiary's Address: NO.B233, wholesale trade market, international electronic building, huaqianbei, futian district, shenzhen cityChina
and by western union is :
First Name :Chaozhen
Last Name : Zhou
City : Putian
State : Fujian
Country : China
ZIP : 351100
Western Union details:
First name: Jianhuang
Last name: Lin
City: Shenzhen
Province: Guangdong
Country: China
Zip: 518000
For any more question please contact me . i have many information about these cheater companies and cheater boss and cheater girls who still work in this cheater company ..
thanks and take care
jihan ahmed


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  • So
      Nov 28, 2012

    Hi Jihan,

    I have had a similar experience with a certain chao zheng also from Putian same industrial region am sure it. Ust be the same person. I will add details of my transaction to this sight as well. They will do anything to gain your trust, then they steal your money.

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  • So
      Nov 28, 2012

    I recently order a dress from a company under name of The site no longer exists but they have many other sites under different names. Bank details seem to be same. Chao Zheng Putian branch and the person kept contact with me as janelola. They took my money and disappeared after promising to make me an evening dress. Herewith the dteails, phone numbers and address.

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  • Co
      Jun 19, 2013

    First Name : DongJie
    Last Name : Lin
    City : Shenzhen
    State : Guangdong
    Country : China

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  • Co
      Jun 19, 2013

    Heovov International Technology Co., Ltd
    Email:[protected] MSN:abby.[protected]
    Address: Rm. 10e, Duhui 100 Electronic City, East of Zhonghang Road, Futian Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +[protected] Fax: +[protected]
    These ### are ###ed above is their western union details

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  • De
      Oct 11, 2013

    Dear Sir.

    Good dey to you, hope all is well with you. I saw your profile while
    searching for a good businessperson and I felt I should relate this
    very good opportunity to you. I am a Manager at Safestore self-storage
    facility in London United Kingdom and I have a mutually beneficial
    business proposal for you. One of our formal clients named Saif
    Al-Isman Gaddafi, whom I know you must have held off from the recent
    invents that happened in Libya. He was a personal friend, as we were
    both class mate at the London School of Economics where we studied. He
    deposited some boxes with my company which contain a huge amount of
    money under anonymous, he collected the bulk before living for Libya
    during the uprising and left (10Million US Dollar) to me. Sir with the
    situation now in Libya and the fact that our client father has being
    killed, and him caught, he is never coming to Europe that is if he is
    not killed. The issue now is that I cannot bank or invest the money I
    was given as I would be questioned where the money is from, hence I
    need you. The release of the funds from the storage would be done
    successfully as I made the deposit myself. Sir if you agree to help, I
    am leaving the sharing pattern open for negotiations between us.

    Sir I would also want us to use part of the funds to establish a
    charitable Foundation to help the children, widows, orphans in war
    places. I hope you would also appreciate why discretion of this matter
    would be very important to me, because as the Manager in the company I
    was not supposed to allow the deposit. There is no risk involve in the
    deal as the boxes were not deposited with our client real name and
    cannot be linked to him or his family. This is a matter of trust and
    hopefully I can rely on you. Please reply me even if you are not
    interested so that I can continue my search because I am under
    pressure of time to clear the deposit otherwise the state will claim
    the funds unnecessarily, but in a situation whereby you have the
    capability to assist please reply as soon as possible so we can
    discuss in details and if possible while replying, send me a business
    proposal showing how you can invest the funds successfully and your
    contact number through this email [protected] or give me a
    call on [protected] . Please Sir you can check these web links
    below to understand my proposal. Thanks and God bless.

    Best Regards,

    Dean Andrew.

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  • Be
      Oct 11, 2013

    "Dean Andrew" is a SCAMMER - he is trying to get your personal and banking information to steal your money and identity. There is no money in storage. He wants you to pay him money to "wire transfer" funds - and you will NEVER receive that money.

    It is a scam. Plain and simple. A dirty, disgusting scam. He is even using the idea of charity to try and persuade people to assist. DO NOT send him anything. Report people like this. They are ### and they are criminals.

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