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Phone: 800--765-7906

This company showed up on my AT&T company phone bill
AT&T is not affiliated with them
They (AT&T) Cannot remove or block them from my bill
I called the Phone # that is associated with this company as listed on my bill
They didn't even ask any questions when I called to see what service they provided they just said they will cancel immediately and add me to their do not call list
They claimed I spoke to them about their service and accepted the charge of $30 a month to "host my Search Engine Optimization". This never happened and furthermore they couldn't provide any evidence of ever speaking to me about anything. Also they didnt know my website address, ip address, DNS, NIC or any of that necesary info. What really bothers me is that in addition to being scammed by them the state government gets and has gotten .15cents a month for infrastructure maintenance fee as well as imposing a 7% tax.
What is that?????

USB Organization, Inc.

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  • Jo
      Jul 30, 2011

    I am a consumer fraud and class action attorney. I am interested in hearing more about your story regarding USB Organization. Please comment below or contact me directly at [protected] Thanks.

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  • Jt
      Jan 23, 2012

    USB Organization Inc. is a scam! Same story as everyone else, pushy and persistent telemarketer asking to confirm the business listing finally lands the right employee who says yes to one of their vague questions. Next phone bill has additional third party charges and the phone company has no liability. Call the number for Enhanced Billing Services to get redirected to USB Org. who tells you that your employee authorized your SEO service for a site that doesn't even exist. Look at the South Carolina thread for more complaints ...
    Call the FTC at 1-877-382-4357 and file a report. If enough of us do, maybe they will be stopped. Also register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry ..., get the phone company to block all third party charges and collect calls,
    and if anyone is in San Fran, please leave a poopy on their doorstep.
    USB Organization, Inc.
    1750 Montgomery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    Toll Free: 1-800-765-7906

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  • Kw
      May 15, 2015

    Yes I had the same thing happen to me. They called pretending to update my yellow pages listing. I tried to be careful and not agree to any charges but then I get a letter in the mail a couple weeks later stating that I signed up and that my telephone bill will have a monthly $29.95 charge on it starting 5/21/15. I couldn't get a hold of anybody by calling the 800 number on the letter. They asked for my phone # and another pin# or something(I don't have a clue what the pin is) and if you don't have it you cannot talk to a real person. I called my phone company and had them block 3rd party billing on my account to make sure they could not charge me. I will wait and see if that works.

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