USAir VisaWaited 4+ months for coupon codes after paying annual fee


I have a USAir credit card and I pay the annual fee in April (my anniversary date) On my anniversary date I am supposed to receive a coupon code good for 2 companion tickets for $99 (plus some other benefits). I pay the annual fee to get this feature. I have repeatedly called USAIR credit card company since after over 4 months I have not received my codes. At first they told me I had to wait 6-8 weeks from my anniversary date for mailing. Never rec'd. That brought me into July. They told me they would resend the package. I have now waited an additional 8 weeks and still nothing. (they wont even talk to you about it until your 8 weeks is up) I have held off booking my family trip to get these codes. I have called USAir directly and they send me to a fax only number where I get no response. There is no reason at this point that they can't get me the code or refund my annual fee. This is ridiculous. I have been a frequent flyer for years. Trust me when this is resolved I'll be booking on a different airline. What a rip off!

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