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I needed help getting a mortgage, so I found this website online:, and spoke to a Francisco De La Chesnaye about his program. he explained the plan, and stated that as soon as he gets the $5, 000.00 1% retainer, he would start the program. he stated that his plan was not only easy, but fast to get a house(of my choice) he stated that the entire process would take approx. 4 weeks to close. on January 15, 2008, I had the $5, 000.00 wired to him, and giving him several properties that I was interested in. I initially wired him $1, 000 for my earnest money deposit on the house that I wanted to purchase, but later increased the deposit to $1, 500.00 that was needed to get this house. The additional $500.00 was wired to Him on 7/28/2008. originally he signed a contract for my interested home, that it would be paid thru cash, but has since stated he never said anything like that, but the contract reads cash. I have lost several realtors, due to the unstable way his company works, but have found one willing to assist me with getting a house. I was told that I had to wire him an additional $475.00 for a appraisal, which I did on 8/25/2008. now it is months since I wired all this money to him, and stated that he was going to put the mortgage in someone else's name and thru wells Fargo in las Vegas. I was copied in on a e-mail from wells Fargo stating that someone that He had to try to get a Mortgage, gave a wrong SS# on the application to Wells Fargo, and that it was being handled by the fraud dept of wells Fargo in las Vegas. I have spoken to Francisco about getting my money back, and he stated that he will only give me $2, 500.00 of the total amount he took from me. I have since e-mailed him and tried to telephone him, but he doesn't try to contact me by Telephone or E-Mail. I demand the total amount of my monies back from him, since his website states that the 1% retainer, and the Earnest Money Deposit are completely Refundable. This Man, and his Company are COMPLETE Fraud's. The Las Vegas Better Business Bureau stated that this Company has a UNSATISFACTORY Record with them and He is using the BBB (Better Business Emblem) on his website illegally A Update as of November 13, 2008 is that He will Not Refund any Monies now that I sent in a Complaint to the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau. I feel as though He Scammed Me thru the Internet, and since He couldn't provide Me with the Service that He claimed He could do in 4 Weeks, and since it has been 9 Months, I am demanding that My Total Monies will be Refunded. I have E-Mailed this Person Francisco a formal letter requesting a Full Refund, this is the Original E-Mail that I sent Him: ------------------------------------Since I have not heard from You Francisco, either by Telephone or E-Mail, I am asking for all Monies that You have received from Me thru Bank Wires from My Checking Account. The Refund will be the 1% Refundable Retainer $5, 000.00 & $1, 500.00 Refundable EMD & $475.00 Appraisal of 713 West Rio Grande Ave. For a Total of $6, 975.00 I have been Very patient with You and Your Program, that did Not Work. Please send the Entire Refund I will no longer wait for any Property with Your Program. (E-Mailed 10/31) and this was His response to Me via E-Mail, Dated 11/01/2008: -----------------------------------------I am replying to your message while away from my office. Our loan application is still open and in process. I understand your position but your request is denied. I regret the situation and resent the tone of your message. It's fine if you no longer want to wait but that does not mean that such a refund is applicable. Let me check your account to determine what's the applicable refund amount.


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