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usacredit.com / unauthorized debit

1904 W. White Ave #1203 McKinney, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 214-548-6385

I had an unauthorized debit from my account. I applied for a payday loan and the popup foe USACREDIT.com was rejected. I never had a credit card and would never want one .


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  23rd of Feb, 2008
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usacredit.com - unauthorized charges
United States
Phone: 618-580-8379

For several months I have been charged 19.99 for the services at usacredit and I know idea who, where or what they are. I keep complaining to my bank but they continue to pay. What can I do?
  27th of Feb, 2008
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I totally agree with all testimonies and complaints about BSM Grant Service Assistant. I had called my bank to see, "What the ..." is this?

I finally located them on the web and called the customer service department. The lady had such a heavy accent, that I sould barely understand her. I demanded my monies of $39.39 be put back into my card. She tried to over talk me and convince me that I signed up for the one time fee. I demanded three times to have the monies place back on my card and asked to speak to her supervisor. After she saw that I would not budge, she claimed that she put the monies back on my account and would be there with in 3-5 business days. This is scam and B.S.

  1st of Jul, 2009
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I had a charge of 149 that would have helped pay for a bill that i have to pay, and i can't even contact usacredit.com! I want my money back! They didn't even say how much the fee was, if i knew the fee was over $100 i would have never applied! Is there any way i can get that money back in my account?
  5th of Oct, 2009
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their phone number is 1-800-685-9354, contact them immediately
  5th of Jan, 2010
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i had applied for a payday loan with this company was denied but they took 149.50 from my checking account, i want it back i could have used that money to pay for the things i needed the loan for. this place is a giant scam this company needs to be stopped
  5th of Jan, 2010
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this company is a scam they took 149.95 out of my account and i never heard of this company and the numbers that they have put you on hold for 30 mins. or more...
  16th of Jan, 2010
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USA Credit took $149.95 out of my account illegally. I dont even know who they are and they dont answer the phone. How can I get my money back? Please somebody help me - I am a single mom
  6th of Feb, 2010
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i want to cancal this membership they took 149.95 out of my bank account i want the money put back or i am getting a lawyer i signed up for loan which i never got and now i dont want i want the money back within 24 hours thanks carol keegan
  6th of Feb, 2010
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they took 149.95 out of checking account and i want to cancel this and i want the money put back within 24 hous in to my account or i am getting a lawyer on this matter they took it out onjanuary 29th i just found out about it when i got my check statment back i want you to notify me by email when this is done thanks you carol keegan
  6th of Feb, 2010
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also the first time they tried i didnt have my pay in there then they tried again so please put the money back asap or call me at 856 694 0605 after 4 pm mon- thur thursday thanks carol keegan
  9th of Feb, 2010
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this company took a 149.50 out of my account with out my authorization, witch made everything that i did sign for bounce now i have to pay for over 100 dollars in nfs fees this company is a scam and im getting a lawyer and prosecuting them. im also calling the better business bureau on them. i want my money back... kurtis porter.
  24th of Feb, 2010
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I had the chance to check my credit report. I saw that I have an OPEN account since 4/2001 for $5, 000.00. I NEVER opened or requested this account. I want this off my credit report. Being inactive since 2001 is hurting my credit I was told. SO please, no one answers the phone and unable to contact me with email. How do I find out who opened this (what addressname) and WHY would I open an account...have $5, 000.00 credit limit and never use it? AND...I have never requested a loan either with anyone.
Please tell me what I need to do to get this off my report...thanks,
Melissa Williams (melissabosma@mhd.com)
  1st of Mar, 2010
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these mother ###er are nothing but jews.they had took out 99.95 infebuary an i had my bank call them an my bank ccaught them in so many lines of bull s.they gave them a credit card number that did not even belong to me.and they said it was a citibank card if i had a citi bank card.i wouldnt have to ask them for a 500 loan now would i.an today they took 49.95 off my account they have to be stpped.an the only people you can get on the line are ignorante black female mother ###ers.
  29th of Mar, 2010
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I also had an unauthorized debit. When I contacted the company, I was told I had a $7500 credit limit with 0% interest and I cancelled all the extra services(roadside asst., presciption discounts, etc.) so the take no fees monthly and they sent me a catalogue to order merchandise and all I pay is shipping and handling. My monthly card payment is $25 or 15% of my total balance. I didn't ask for this card but I havn't had a problem once I received it and spoke to someone and agreed to keep it.They also sent me a $50 rebate check to reimburse a portion of the enrollment fee. They offer brand name merchandise at a slightly inflated rate, but not bad considering the 0% interest rate. It is cheaper than the rent to own places on certain things.
  24th of Jun, 2010
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I also applied for a loan not their stupid credit card and within one day they took out $149.50 from my checking account, now I don't have the money in there to pay my cell phone. I called and finally got them to cancel the account. I also sent them an email telling them it's a sneaky way to get business, unethical and I will be watching for my refund, minus $35 app fee, also not authorized but right now I'll take what I can get. I won't let it stop there either, I will find out where I can take this complaint. I will bug them the rest of my life if I have to.
  28th of Jun, 2010
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trying to withdraw money from my account without my permission.
  2nd of Jul, 2010
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I got them sonsofbitches to put my money back in my account with a lot of legal threats. I also told the lady not to put me on hold and forced a conference call to my bank. After all the fighting I was able to get the bank to forgive all the overdraft fees and my money was back in my account in five days. Be very careful with this company. The customer service people are arrogant as hell and speak EBONICS... A few choice words for the [censor] and all went well. I will never try for another payday loan again, no matter the situation.
  19th of Jul, 2010
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This dam company is not nothing but a SCAM and it is not right for them to scam on people like that. I wa just going through my mail and was playing around did not no that they was going to take 149.00 dollars out of my checking account but they can get ready to put it back in. It should be a law against these people and then on top of that they will not anwer there phone, but soon or later I will get intouch with these people cause they is giving me my money back.
  3rd of Nov, 2010
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usacredit.com - Fraud
United States

I applied for a payday loan and unbeknowest to me USAcredit took $149.95 out of my bank account without my permission. I called for a refund and was told they would refund $114.00, the rest of it is for the application fee. This is a rip-off I did not apply for the account therefore there should be no application fee. Be careful of this scam

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