Usaccountsetup.comRip off

They are offering information (supposedly to enable a foreigner to set up a US bank account) that is out of date, worthless and not as described.

This guy, calling himself Eric Znoj and his business H.I.R. Investments, answered my email to confirm that his information was accurate and up to date. When I got it, it was only about an E*trade Complete Investment Account. Information about this account is freely available on the Net, and E*trade had already told me that only US residents have been permitted to open the US Complete Investment Account with debit card since July 2007. People in other regions have to set up accounts through regional branches and there's no debit card.

There were another couple of apparently automated emails from usaccountsetup, and I noted that the IP address was different every time and located in a different place -- suggesting that IP masking software is being used.

The phone is constantly on voicemail. No one calls back and there are no responses to emails requesting a refund as per his 'no questions asked' guarantee.

Damage Resulting = $59.00 paid for worthless information and money-back guarantee dishonoured.


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