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I am another ANGRY victim of this fraudulent company! I placed an order on 5/29/09, only to be told after they took my money that the product was on backorder. I cancelled 2 weeks later after being told they didn't know when it would be shipped. I was told it could take up to 30 days for my refund. What a joke! August 16th will be 60 days and counting, and NO REFUND!! I have exhausted all efforts in contacting this company, because they just give you the same runaround each time you call. They tell you they will notify accounting, and accounting will email you when they send the refund. They claim that they cannot get an answer from the accounting department. I even emailed the owner directly 3 times, with no response. I will not give up on my refund, but now I'm pissed! I want this company SHUT DOWN so they cannot continue to STEAL from consumers! There has to be someone out there that can put a stop to this type of fraud. I have contacted the Ohio Attorney General, as well as the News Channel 5 Troubleshooter Team. Hopefully some negative publicity will get someone to take notice. If you are a customer that has been screwed by this company, please don't give up!!

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  • Pa
      Aug 12, 2009

    USA Wallpaper (Decorate with Style, Inc.) Complaints - Refuse to send me a refund!
    Review all USA Wallpaper (Decorate with Style, Inc.) complaints
    USA Wallpaper (Decorate with Style, Inc.)
    Posted: 2009-08-11 by R. Clements

    Refuse to send me a refund!

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    USA Wallpaper (Decorate with Style, Inc.)
    Sandusky, Ohio
    United States

    I am another ANGRY victim of this fraudulent company! My order went in on 5/7/09 and I received two emails saying the product would be delivered as soon as my money was cleared in my checking accout. On May 10, was the last email I received. I called the company 3 weeks later to find out that my order was no longer deliverable because it was discontinued. I asked to speak to accounting about my refund and I was told that accounting does not except phone calls and I would receive my refund within two weeks.

    It is now Aug 12 and I am told by PayPal that they favored me in the complaint but could not refund my money because the company that I ordered from has no money in their account. The company was USA Wallpaper et(USA Wallpaper (Decorate with Style, Inc.) Complaints - Refuse to send me a refund!
    Review all USA Wallpaper (Decorate with Style, Inc.) complaints . I am still pursuing my right to get my money back thru PayPal and my bank. I believe PayPal is wrong in not refunding my money as well because it is contradicting to their terms and conditions. Please read their policy on refund and protection of your payment. They do not hold true to what they state nor do they tell you that if the company has no money they will be unable to refund and protect your money paid.

    I will make this report available to every person I know and on the internet as well as the BBB.

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  • Ms
      Dec 02, 2009

    I'm also a victim of USA Wallpaper. The company has steal $158.00 from me and refuses to refund my money giving me the same reason. Is there a way we can get a class action sue against this company?

    Kim in Fl

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  • Kr
      Mar 01, 2010

    I'm a victim of USA Wallpaper and Decorate with Style. I ordered wallpaper July 09. After they were paid by Paypal I was told it was on backorder...After a reasonable time I started requesting a refund. Was given run around for weeks. Was told I would receive it but never did. I sent numerous emails to everyone I could find involved in the company. The couple of times that I actually got to speak to a person I was told that problem was with accounting dept, but I could never speak to anyone in accounting. The ladies I spoke to were VERY rude.
    I persued my refund from July until Jan 2010. I just now stumbled upon this website and now realize what a huge scam these people are running. They are stealing money from hundred's of people. I hope that soon they will be put out of business.
    I will be more than happy to tell my story to anyone that will listen.

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