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1 3200 Industrial Park Rd.Van Buren, AR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 479-471-2500

The following happened to me when I applied to USA Truck out of Van Buren, Arkansas through a multiple application service (The service is not the focus of this complaint). Supposedly, I was going to a 5-day refresher course then on to USA Truck for a new career. No such luck, as it turned out. Details will begin shortly, but let me just warn everyone away from USA Truck in Van Buren, Arkansas. Don't work for them. Don't hire them as a common carrier for your freight. Boycott them until they go belly up and they have to sell their entire stock of tractors, trailers, and buildings, or declare bankruptcy.

My problem is with their recruiting department. If recruiters--the folks on the forefront who talk with potential new drivers--can't be entrusted to keep their word, then neither can the rest of them. They're not even honest or stable with the vendors they use to handle multiple applications. If they can't be trusted within their own vertical markets, in my humble opinion, then they can't be trusted at all!

Detailing this will take a minute or two. So here goes: I fill out one of these online applications that causes the application to be sent to many different trucking companies at once. Granted, this is a time saver, and is convenient for the driver seeking employment so that one doesn't have to apply directly to each and every company. I have no problem with this. I used it. No problem.

Issues arise, however, when I'm told something--like 'you're approved for a 5-day refresher course on such and such a date, ' I give 3 weeks notice at my present job, then have the trucking company back out at the last minute for frivolous reasons.

By frivolous, I mean a sequence of events that went something like this:

1. I apply online (can't remember the site, offhand.)

2. I'm called by a representative from a company that handles the applications for the trucking industry, stating that I need to call the trucking company and give some more detailed information. (No problem at this point, just normal procedures.)

3. I call the trucking company, and they say we're all set for the 5-day refresher course and to call them one week prior to actually going to the refresher-course driving center so they can send the trucking school some health documents.

4. Well, it so happens, at my present job, I have some issues related to illness which cause me to miss a couple of days; they take me off the schedule and I am effectively 'fired.'

5. Since I'm, essentially, going to another job anyway, why not see if I can up the date a bit (There was about a 2 1/2 week wait at that point.) So I call the truck driving school at which I'm going to have the 5-day refresher course, and it so happens they have an opening for a week early.

6. I call the trucking company to see if they can coordinate and accommodate my request. They tell me that they have a limited number of students that they can send at any one time, and have to check on it. (Again, no problem here, a completely acceptable and plausible procedure.)

7. So I wait for a call, don't receive it, and call them back. Well, this is where it gets sticky. I'm told that they can accommodate my request. No problem, except for the fact that I was informed earlier that there would be no cost for the refresher and that the trucking company would pay for it. They state that I will have to pay $150 up front at the school.

I tell them that I'm very short on funds right then, and that's not what I was told. Well, I'm more or less okay with it, if somewhat reluctant--my funds are *that* low!--but I tell them I'll pay the $150.

8. This is where it gets *really* sticky: I'm told to 'wait a minute' at that juncture, at which point I'm put on hold, then, when they come back, I'm told that instead of $150 I'll have to pay $250 and attend a 3-Week Course--a full course. This, even though I attended this very same school in August of 2007 for a 4 WEEK 160 HOUR FULL COURSE, with a 93% overall GPA!

9. So I tell them I can't pay the $250, and that I've already been through the course, have my CDL, and that a 5-day refresher is all I need. I know my own ability, so I don't have a problem with this. Well, at length, they tell me I have to pay the $250 and attend the 3 week full course. I disagree, and state my point again.

10. Conversation breaks down at this point and I ask to speak with the recruiting supervisor. They're not there immediately, so I wait a day. Day after comes, and I contact the recruitment supervisor, who says they'll look over my case, and contact me later.

11. Not hearing from the supervisor for a while, I call them back up. I'm politely told at that time, something to the effect of 'Mr. Brown, we have people who are better qualified than you, and can not hire you at this time.'

12. I ask the supervisor--in very colloquial 'trucker-like' vernacular--to just 'lay our cards on the table' and tell me what the detailed reason is they won't hire me. I'm told, something to the effect of, 'we don't share that kind of information with applicants.'

We trade polite goodbyes, and the call ends.

So, folks, what do you think? Do you see fraud in here? Lying? Dishonesty, to be sure. About the only thing I'm really miffed at myself about is that I didn't get anything in writing first. That will not happen a second time, I'll tell you that!

I was looking forward to a new career with USA Truck, for at least a year. Once situated with a carrier, I do not plan on bouncing from carrier to carrier. I want a solid footing with one company, get my first-year's experience, and perhaps continue with that carrier for a few years.

There won't be any years with USA Truck for me. No Way! No How! Not Ever! USA Truck is on my permanent blacklist!

My own advice: 1. Stay Away from U.S.A. Truck 2. Get any offer of employment in writing and make certain the trucking company will stick to it!

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  • Un
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    Drivers, I saw the silly comment the recruiter from JB Hunt posted. Me being a driver myself and knowing the games these silly little people play I decided it's time for us as men and women to fight for what is right. It is the beginning of a new day and it starts with JB Hunt. They say that God works in mysterious ways. Had that recruiter not come in this forum gloating and exposing to us how dumb they look at us as being, God might not have provided me with this vidion to defeat this industry of evil. Follow me on this neighbors:

    1) Create a page online that the truck drivers can print out. The page will be in the form of business cards that lead people to this forum. It will state that all truck drivers across America will be using this site to place their complaints on, as well as a place to keep up with what companies are being taken to court for wrongful employment practices.

    2) Find the best civil lawsuit firms in America. Post the names of these firms on this site. It is everyones job to Google these firms, check out the firms website (must have one) and pick one you feel would represent us well in court based on the firms reputation for winning cases. The firm with the most picks by a certain deadline will be the one approached first. Someone will explain to them what the truck drivers across America is about to do and we have chosen them as one of our picks. If the firm agrees then the firm must set up a account where all drivers can send a $5 check or money order to them written out to the name of the law firm. Once the driver sends the $5, they come to the forum and announce that they have done so. It would be the responsibility of the owner of this site to be responsible for totaling up the amounts donated and posting those totals daily. The law firm should post on their site the amount received on a daily basis as well.

    3) Drivers, contact every form of media in their hometowns. CNN, MSNBC, Newspapers, EVerbody!!! Let them know that the truck drivers are fighting back. They have said enough is enough and are pooling their money together and taking these companies to court for all the employee violations, false advertisements, and labor laws they have been violating for years! They have been causing truck drivers to loose their families and homes for years! These companies will have to explain how they've been hiring drivers every week claiming to pay $50, 000 to $70, ooo annually. They've been hiring under these pretenses for 5, 10, 15 years and longer!! All their employment violations will be exposed in civil court. That is why only the best of the best civil law firm can be hired!

    4) All those drivers who are unemployed or retired because they were sick of the games being played will need to show up at court and represent for the ones who couldn't show up because of work, but donated money to help in the fight.

    5) If only 1, 000 drivers get involved and only sent $5 a month for the duration of the trial, your looking at $5, 000 a month going to this firm to pay for litigation and anything else the law firm may need. To each driver, I'm sure $5 a month is nothing. The company who is being taken to court will not be able to keep up with us. THey will have to do right by the drivers or shut the doors. Then we move on to the next company who causes drivers to loose their homes or families due to their lies. This will be done based on the number of complaints received by the drivers against a company. Imagine when we have 5, 000 drivers supporting this movement! That would add up to $25, 000 a month!!! In 4 months we'll have raised $100, 000 to cover legal costs. THe beauty of it is, it didnt hurt not 1 drivers pockets.

    6) Last but not least, it's election time. With the media coverage and fuel prices the way they are, along with all the media coverage we'll be getting, let's hear what the candidates have to say about fighting for our cause and rights. After all we are the backbone of America and deserve to be heard right along with the health care issues and the economy.

    It's time for drivers to put up or shut up! These driver managers have been making fun of us at the expense of our families and our homes, and our lives for long enough! One day I went to a terminal (US Express) to complain to my DM in person and security..yes security (metal detectors also) let me past without letting the DM know I was coming up. I got up there and I could hear this voice complaining about how he needed more miles to feed his family and how his wife sitting home worried. I came around the bend and crowded around the phone was about 4 dm's smirking and laughing with each other listening to this man spill his guts in home of getting some good miles. They saw me, began tapping each other and everybody went back to their desk and took the driver off speaker. From that moment I knew 2 things 1, Id be looking for a new job and 2, I would never call a dm telling them my problems I'm having. So yeah drivers, they've been laughing at us for years but now it's time for us to have the last laugh. Google the top successful civil lawsuit companies in America. Post them on this blog. From what I'm seeing JB Hunt will be the first to pay for it's actions. Call the law firm selected and find out if they are willing to take on our case based on what we are doing. Remind them that we will have plenty of money to cover costs as well as we'll be taking other companies to court once we're through with JB Hunt. Have all the drivers post their bad experiences with trucking companies they have worked for. The law firm will get the labor board involved as well as Department of Labor OSHA. I know because I have taken my employer to court and represented myself and won! It wasn't a easy task, especially when it was me against their attorney's but the company finally settled. So I know what I'm telling you. Drivers we have a strong case against these companies. The number of complaints are more than enough to get the ball rolling. OSHA as well as DOL will have to investigate the companies files and back logs for years. They are sure to find a whole lot of shady dealings. It is time my brothers and sisters. We are liscensed professionals and deserve the respect as such. If a company can't respect that and hold true to it's promises it makes at the time you are hired, then they must be shut down! It's time for a cleaning up of the trucking industry. Anybody willing to participate in this fight simply post "I agree!" this will serve as motivation to any law firm approached about handling the civil suit. It doesn't matter if you work for JB Hunt or not, get involved because we may have to come after the company you work for next. Spread the word drivers!! We are going to fight back. We will be respected as Professionals!!!

    Sincerely, voiceunheard

  • Mi
      16th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    By federal labor laws if a company does not hire you. You have the right for that reason to be given to you in writing. If the company refuses call your state labor board.

  • Ju
      12th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Wow!!! Totally freaking wow! All three of you are nuts! First to Duval - driving a semi is a huge responsibility. It's NOT about YOU knowing your own ability, it's about Federal laws and guidlines which these companies MUST follow. We don't need idiots like you driving the highways and interstates putting innocent people in danger. And this Duval: Quit writing! You are very long-winded and cannot construct a sentence or paragraph, okay?! Next to Unheard: Shut up! You are not a lawyer! I feel like my driving habits are half-assed, and I still made over 45k in my 1st year at 31 cents per mile. AND THIS JUST IN: $5000 a month for a law firm to litigate isn't ### dude, so again, shut up! It's no wonder people like you aren't getting miles. Being a cry-baby as you are, I can see your dispatcher not wanting to help you out by giving you miles. Quit spending time at the pickle parks, shut up and drive!!! Now to Michael: Don't try to quote law. No one owes you crap unless it is in relation to your DAC/background check.

  • Ja
      22nd of Feb, 2009
    -3 Votes

    I so agree JuJu is a complete idiot. I'm a truck driver and i have never given my company a reason to turn on me but they did. I am so tired of these company's doing whatever they want treating their drivers anyway they want . These are not ### sessions these company's are going to keep doing what they want until someone stands up and makes them accountable for there actions. FOR GODS SAKE WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT?

  • Da
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i totally agree with the way these big trucking companies treating their a truck driver my self and been around the trucking industry all of my 38 years on this planet.drivers have no rights regarding their pay, hometime, or just our civil rights.we are treated like garbage.i recently drove for covenant transport and had to quit.between the act of congress about getting home and the daily threats from my dispatcher.he would always say dont make mad, cause if u do you will be i couldnt put up with the im having difficulties in finding employment.i live in a small town and ther are no jobs, only can i take your still looking for a driving job but to no avail.its just not fair that these companies can say or do what they to a driver and it would take millions of dollars in court, attorney fees to make it right, but what working man out there got that kind of if any small trucking firms out there who reads this im a good driver from long island new york who learned how to drive in the bronx, if you can make it through the borroughs of new york city trust me you can drive! so to all of my fellow drivers who been screwed im here to tell you, you are not alone.peace out LONG ISLAND KID.

  • Da
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i agree

  • Sc
      13th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    the guy complains about usa trucking your dumb all trucking companies suck ### ive been driving for 11 yrs .
    i dont think you need a refresher course i think you need to get t hrough trucking school then seek a company you probably dont even have a cdl and if you did why would you want to go through a rookie company. you abviously dont have any experience in this field or maybe you dont even need to be in this field . im sick of people complaining about the curruption in truckin and nothing been done about it . hey leave the truckin to people that have had ### child hoods grew up scamming to make it, people that have been misplaced there whole life and are ussaully the black sheeps in there families like me, a real trucker does not complain about getting home .when i park at a rest area on a friday night, i feel like im at home back in my sleeper watching tv. wow i just notice something it feel s like home . i knew i wanted to drive otr growing up i have the easyest job in the whole world . i always was told when your job comes easy to you, your in the right career . if it took you 8 or 9 paragraphs to tell us your problems not even in the field yet .then you could almost write a thousand page book on your first day at the wheel . i lol when i read your complaint and i played the invisible vialin merry christmas and happy halloween

  • Sc
      13th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    my response to all ya
    what is a dm, to me it stands for dumb mother ###ers ooops did i say that . it really stands for glorified dipatcher . driver manager huh when the ### did they get this title ill tell u in 2006 im old school i guess i still call them dispatcher . i love to here them squeeze the ### out of there phones and grind there teeth, when i say dispatcher please. becuase at the end of the day there still low life turds . we are the money they make .
    they are just the office queers . i could do this job with out them the office queers head heild high in a cunning cloud . i feel for all the truckers that have to put up with the same ### i do. kiss there ### no they need to kiss my ### . heartless ### . trucking companies they get off paying us fuel sercharge s while they sit on there ### thinking they are so specail . my company will be the best one when i get it off the ground my drivers will be #1 priority and if i ever caught one of my dispatchers making fun of my driver . i will bring that driver in so he can see me telling that dispatcher TO PACK HIS ### AND RUN

  • Nc
      15th of May, 2009
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    I am sick of truckers acting like they control the road b/c of their weight, size, and sometimes desires to be an ###. An individual from P.A.M. trucking out of Maryland (l.plate from MD) almost killed a friend I know, running him off the road/on ramp an almost in a large body of water. This was b/c he thought it would be smart to go b/w 80-90 mph to speed ahead of my friend entering the highway going the speed limit of 65-70 mph. This area has lost 100+ lives b/c of this crap and I am sick of no one giving a ### and not making a point to stop these uneducated ###s from driving like this. Hopefully this will go out to people who havent made a complaint; although wanted to and stop the deaths on our highways from this crap. I know that some people do not value life and maybe this should be a psy. test given before letting anyone behind the wheel of a tractor trailor. Please share your thoughts and make a point to blast it to the public eye regarding the bs that some of these trucking groups market to the people who pay these companies. (Safety, ###)
    You are hopefully a human to and what if it was your kid, wife, husband, family member that was in my friends shoes. Also what if I put this truckers family member in the car that he almost killed...I am sure that this would never be the case...

  • Ja
      24th of Jun, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I'm all for it. It's about time. We need to pull together and do this for the sanctity of our profession.
    JuJu's comments sound like he/she works for the trucking companies.
    I'm an O/O and have yet to really make any money because of how companies discriminate against O/O.
    Companies such as Baylor Trucking. They will hire you but, you're pitted against their company trucks and their lease operators. They are going to give the long mileage loads to the co. drivers so they can make the most and pay out the least to the driver. Next is the L/O. They keep them rolling so they can make the high lease payments to them. Last and least is the O/O which gets the scrap loads that they can't get a co. driver or L/O to cover. When I worked for them (all of 2 mos.) I averaged 1, 200 miles a week. When I complained and threatened to quit for lack of miles, they orchestrated a scheme/scam to fire me. The main reason given for my termination was delivering loads late, although their loads are qualcommed and most of my deliveries were made at facilities where the guard would record my arrival time.
    Fortunately, I was able to pay cash for my truck or I would have gone under from this first O/O experience.
    Secondly, Not only are the large trucking companies such as JB Hunt, Covenant, Swift, CRST, etc. ripping off drivers, small companies such as Incentive Transportation are following their lead. They should be investigated and dealt with as well.
    Unheard, this is definately a good idea.

  • Ma
      1st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    drivers i feel first hand the b/s with companies does to you your family and bank account . and your exactly right the smaller companies are getting just as bad .im 47yrs old been driving trucks since i was 16yrs old .yes thats correct 16 i drove a dumptruck on r/r tracks in a contract 4 bankhead r/r .yes i was suppose 2 b 21yrs old .drove class b trucks in west tx. to the oil rigs at 23yrs old i got my chauffers license and been drving BIG TRUCKS every since .Drivers im proud i got to see some of the final good years of being in this industry in the 70's/80's man all you needed was a map and a pocket full of dimes, and we still did our jobs just as well if not better than a quail com. or driver manager could. we were trusteed to go out and get er done and we did just that.Now this industry is fueled by greed with little regard 4 you or me or the lives of others on the rd. theres got 2b a breaking point somewhere. i dont see how they can keep on ripping us off, eventtualy the words going to get out like jb hunt and no one is going 2 drive trucks 4 them at all. i cant even begin to start telling my horror stories since the invention of the computer n truck sagga began, but thats were our nightmares began. any how keep the greasy side down and the sunny side up. your friend and fellow trucker RUSTY NAIL.

  • Ac
      10th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    first and foremost i like to congratulate, the driver who came up with the ideal about justice for the drivers.thats a very interesting abstraction one i have yet to become familiar with.although i commend you for speaking your mind, the problem with alot of the bigger companies are they dont understand what its like to be away from your family for months at a time basically working to support the people you love, alike of compassion have absolutely no affect on a person that work by the hour in reference to you working by the mile, you see most of these so call dm think that, the driver is a game you see on the computer screen.but really doesnt exist in really, however when company policy come into play CEO of that company really need to step up instead all most of them do is just show up.on the the other hand if all the driver did was show you can put money on it he will not be employed with that company for very long.i have been otr driving about 14yrs by the grace of god accident free and although i have a good safety record on time delivery record i am still dont matter how good you are at anytime the company can find a reason to terminate you with or without a reason.i feel like everyone at some point and time in there life have made bad decision, or even a bad judgement call, my thing is when most of these companies let you go the first thing they do is go and compile everything they can on your dac to make sure you cant find employment with any other trucking firm, out of fear that you may spread the truth that the company has no morals integrity or compassion for there drivers.10yrs ago dac started primary for drivers who had abandoned trucks or drugs or serious fatalieties, now the companies are using the dac for revenge, and the drivers should have a vox populi for representation it would be ludicrous not to.why you think the majority of these companies are trying to get rid of the union because they dont want their employees to have a voice.extemparenous.

  • Ry
      21st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Notice Juju was the only one who had a negative remark on this subject. they must be a DM! Who in the hell feels like the "back of the truck" (us truckers call em "sleepers") is home?! Dorothy said it best, there's no place like home!! ESPECIALLY if u have a family!

    But i recall a backing accident I had with JB Hunt 5 years ago. I was 2 months in with them, and an o/o pulled up DIRECTLY behind me in my blind spot. I backed up to let a yard jockey pull out. Mind u, he wasn't there when I got back in the truck. And BAM! There he was.

    A DM gets on the qualcomm the next day and says "a driver got into a backing accident and DIDN'T GET OUT TO LOOK?!" C'MON! I got into it with a review board over the phone the next week. But they couldn't keep me cuz it happened within my grace period.

    Now, 5 years later, I can't get a job with CRST - the first trucking job I started out with right before I went to them - because I got fired from the last Class A job I had (JB Hunt)!

    I went to an orientation with Swift later on that year. I go through the WHOLE process, I'm told I'd be contacted the next week to get put into a truck. So I'm sent back home thinking i'm back in a big truck. Half the next week goes by with no phone calls. Then I get in contact with them and i'm told I can't be hired. And i'm NOT TOLD WHY! Come to find out I had too many points on my MVR! I didn't know that then. But WHY WASN'T I TOLD ABOUT THIS BEFORE I WAS TOLD I HAD A JOB?!

    I'm sure everybody had a problem or two with a big outfit sometime in their driving career and made mistakes. Even if the best drivers didn't, they could still get axed if they want them out. We need to make a stand against these drivers and make something happen because it's only gonna get worse until WE stop it!

  • Tr
      7th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    First of all these companies see u as a neglagent driver, u hit things and ur geting fired, ur doing somthing wrong and they see u as a liability because of ur MVR. as i see it this is all on u.

  • Di
      14th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I Agree USA Is Full of it i am a current driver who also is at there mercy they do not offer and kinda of compensation to you for sitting waiting to be loaded. I get treated like a PEICE OF S*** like some [censored] who does not know his head from his butt i have been around this game since i was born been a truck mechanic for my whole adult life and most of my childhood i know the in's and out's FAIR TRADE USA All were asking for Trust me when i say truck secure SEE YA I Warn all students RESEARCH X 10 i did not went off my trusty rusty CB With Fire in the WIRE did not hear anything bad Know one had heard anything bad said as far as they knew good started company yep sure is you start out by starving and loosing ### @ home there home time is ### might get there might not if you cut your home time short good luck on getting a good load to make up for it and plan on a AVG. Mi. of about 2000 or less i have had one good week Almost broke 3000 almost and then broke down might be lucky to bring home $80 for the week now this is Straight Forward NO ### so clean your ears listen to what i am screaming clean your glasses and read up on them ask around someone i know broke down more than he ran when he was in the training phase and has more hrs broke down as a 1st seat and no breakdown pay to boot we are both in the process of hauling our own ### up the road to better futures without USA TRUCK INC call PAM OR WERNER TMC ARROW Anyone but USA LMAO HELL JB Hunt is even better than them LMAO

  • Le
      17th of Feb, 2010
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    I totally agree with these drivers I myself drove for usa truck for 7 months I was told by them when I went to orientation in Vandalia Oh that I could expect at least 2800 miles a week once I started for them tho things went downhill fast and I don't mean my truck for starters I was plagued with a truck (i9400) with that POS automatic trans and built in inverter the truck broke down AT LEAST once a month and I'm not talkin minor issues it was either trans messin up or electrical (icon, lights, speedometer, ac/heat) now admittedly I could still drive the truck with some of these issues and I DID but some I couldn't due to DOT regulations or just plain being unsafe and when I did go in to get something fixed I got to set for 3-10 days at a time with no pay and when I called my fleet manager he would give me some BS about company policies and needing to wait at least 3 days before getting assigned a different truck so what do you think would happen when i did set for more than 3 days well let me tell ya I would get a different story like time frame would change for getting a different truck or some other excuse.
    So when I did get on the road with that same POS truck I was lucky to see 1800 miles and of course when I called my fm about that issue he gave me BS excuses like lack of freight or some other lame ### excuse although when I talked to other drivers either within or outside of company I was told they are getting more than 3000 miles per week and I seen the check stubs to prove it.
    Also let me tell ya that USA truck ISN'T an otr company they ARE regional I was stuck in the northeast for the 7 months I was there and home time I NEVER once got home when I asked, now I know that in this profession that getting home can be hit or miss but when you get 50 miles from your home the day before your supposed to get there and they still want to send you back to the east coast and get you back home a week later that is just stupid and as for them so called mech I dont think half of them could tell the difference between a starter and an alternator and I say this because when I did go to a term to get something fixed I would leave 80% of the time with the same issues I came in there with or something else would be wrong with the truck I was also told more than once to drive the truck the way it was and that it wasn't an issue but anyone that has drove a truck could tell you that if the front end is shaking more than a vibrating bed that you've got issues.
    So in short if your trying to get a driving job stay the hell away from USA TRUCK and if your one of the unfortunate ones that drive for them now get the hell out.

  • Ti
      25th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    USA truck is a disrespectful liar of a company. Their trailers rarely pass inspection and speaking from expirence as a current driver i have a flat tire and hinges so rusted that I have to spray wd40 and the like to open them! You have a family or doctor appointments i suggest a new company, this company doesnt care. I've had home time in for 3 months and have frequently reminded them that I've had a doctors appt and my step-sons birthday all in two days! I figured I'd take that weekend home and they said it was all fine but as of currently I'm running my tail off and will miss both the appt and more importantly the birthday. The kicker is that theres another truck going not 10 miles from my home and the driver is ok with switching the trailers but the company wont let us. Highly suggest switching companies or never working for them. All the BS is not worth it there are plenty of other companies that will treat you better; USA truck does not care about its drivers or its equpment and I refuse to be the cause of an accident due to faulty equipment a company won't fix or replace.

  • Ih
      11th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    To JamJa: You complained about one truck driver who may have driven badly - but I did not see you say one word about all the responsible truck drivers out there. There are about 5000 deaths per year due to heavy truck accidents - yet there are 35, 000 more deaths due to cars on the road, with 20, 000 of them alcohol related. I'd say truck drivers do a pretty good job. Do you even drive a big truck? These guys put up with a lot from car drivers too. A lot of cars think they can whip in front of a big truck that they don't want to be behind, and there should be no affect. Many car drivers do not understand what it takes to handle driving a truck weighing 45, 000 pounds, with a trailer that can jackknife. These guys drive all hours of the night and spend much time away from their families to make a living for them. By far, the majority of truck drivers do care about safety, theirs and everyone else. Maybe you should be on a car website and go complain about them. Who knows how many cars have causes the big-rig to crash. And you wouldn't even be driving your car if a tractor trailer didn't bring it to you.

  • La
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    Re: original post of Duval... are you serious? The way the economy is now, I wouldn't choose a driver who'd been fired, refused to complete company training, and is a general malcontent either. Btw, I drive for USA and it sucks hard, I'm looking to get out and soon. I'm so tired of the draconian way it does business, from payday, to off time, blah, blah, blah. Anyone with suggestions?

  • Sp
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    LadyLucky9, how hard does it suck?

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