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On 4/25/13 I went to the usa gas station in flanders ny on flanders rd and long neck blvd with a 5 gallon container to be filled with gas. When the attendant finished filling it the pump read 6 gallons. I then confronted the owner of the station asking him how he got 6 gallons into a 5 gallon container. At this point he started to curse me and told me to call the police if I did not like it. I then called the police. When the officer showed up he said he could do nothing about it and told me to buy gas at other stations to avoid a problem in the future. I then found out he was friends with the owner and the workers. When I was leaving because I could not do anything about being ripped off the owner stopped my car and threatened me. He told me that if I ever came back he would stab me. The officer again did nothing to remedy the situation. Please boycott this station. I am finding out every day since then that the owner is very nasty to many customers .

Apr 29, 2013

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  •   Apr 30, 2013

    The same way a 10 gallon gas tank on a car holds more than 10 gallons, by topping off the tank. You filled past the fill line. You pay for what you put in the can.

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  • Ta
      Apr 30, 2013

    How did you find out that the Police Office and the gas station attendant were friends?

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  • Up
      May 03, 2013

    When the officer showed up he knew all the workers names and how they were related to each other.(brother, cousins, son, owner).

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  • Ta
      May 03, 2013

    The police told you all that? He just started shooting the ### with the owner?

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  •   Aug 28, 2013

    Don't like it, don't buy from there.

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