USA Baby- Wisconsinover priced and misleading!

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I was sooo exicited to set up a baby registry at USA Baby in Brookfield, WI- a few months ago. My mother in law and drove from out of town to Brookfield- to go pick up the crib that I had been asking for (her VERY generous gift to us) & when we got there a manager had came up to us right away and asked if we needed any help. We explained that I already have a registry there and we are interested in buying/taking home the crib that same day. She checked my registry and let us know that the crib I was origionally asking for was "out of stock" until the middle/end of august (which wouldnt work because my due date is August 7th.) That was unfortunate to hear, but I decided to just choose a dif. crib/dresser set (we explained to her that we would like them to be a dark espresso color- she said that wouldnt be a problem as she took us around the store and showed us other options. We chose a new set but unfortunatly that crib wasnt in stock either. She then told us that she was going to check the system so instead of wasting time we would just look at the in stock espresso sets. We ended up finding a set that was very nice. She took the time to show us the crib/dresser and talked with us about the wood etc. She then told us that if we were to purchase the crib and a mattress that same day she would give us the toddler rails complimentary- needless to say we ended up spending an extra 170.00 on the mattress and waterproof cover that we would need. After we made the payment for these items she told us to pull up behind the building so the guys could load everything into our van. They asked for proof of payment(which we gave them) and we explained that we were supposed to recieve toddler rails as well for purchasing both items together. The man(who was very nice) told us that they were in the box with the crib. We didnt really think anything of it and just said okay.
When we got home and had taken everything out of the box to start setting it up we realized that the rails werent in the box. So we continued to set up the crib (by now the store was closed) and the next morning I called and spoke with this same manager who had helped us the day before- I let her know that the rails werent included and we'd like to pick them up- she said that they're not supposed to be included and they are extra money. I reminded her of what she had told us the day before when we were purchasing both items together but she replied that she didnt remember telling us that. My mother in law and I were both pretty shocked with that response and I told the manager that we wouldnt have purchased the mattress from them if we werent given that incentive with the rails- because we could have found a mattress for half that price. I explained that we were both upset about this and then she asked me if it was already taken out of the box- I responded yes, its already set up for the baby- then she said "oh, well nevermind" making me think that she was insinuating that she was going to say well just bring it back then- like it'd be no sweat off her back. Then said she was sorry for the inconvience but thats that.

Then, not even a week after this had happened the soon to be godfather (who is stationed in Afghanistan for a few more months) called to order the dresser that matches the crib- and they told him that it's out of stock and would be on back order until the end of July. He called me the next day to let me know about this- I ended up calling and asking to speak with this same manager. She said she was sorry but didnt see that it was on back order when she had checked the system to see what sets they had in stock. How can you not see that somethings on back order??! By now I was like this is just riduclous and I told her that I feel like we have been totally mislead!!! She said shes sorry theres nothing she can do since this is the only USA Baby in Wisconsin. I told her she needs to have a dif. location send one to this location then.. She said they are ALL out of stock and on back order.. Sounds alittle fishy to me!!?? How in the WORLD can this store have absolutly nothing in stock anyways!?!(no cribs.. no dressers...def. a good way to lose someones buisness not to mention to lose money!)Then she told me that his card hadn't been charged yet so we don't have to go through with that crib. (I told her ONCE AGAIN that we wanted a matching set!!) she said shes sorry and she will call us when they get it in. Well.. like a week and a half later the godfathers mom had called me to tell me that the manager called her to let her know that the dresser wont be in until the end of AUGUST now... so I told her to just call the manager back and tell her to forget about it!! Then his mom told me that his card was charger two times for the dresser. Seriously, will this ever end?!

This is the last thing a person needs to worry about when she's getting ready to have a baby in a month. A bunch of bologna, a ton of stress thats totally not nessessary, very misleading not to mention this company being overy priced! I would not recommend any expecting parent to start a registry with USA Baby. This is just a nightmare that no one needs to deal with. What a headache!
By the way, I think it's pretty safe to assume that they get paid commission off sales.
Am I being punked or something!?!?


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      Aug 09, 2009

    Wow scence reading this I will not be going there!!


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      Aug 13, 2009

    Something tells me this is not the complete and unbiased truth. Pregnant women never get hormonal or forget things or remember things inaccurately or... Sounds like an unpleasant situation and the store probably deserves a critique, but the customer is NOT always right.

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