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USA 800 / Do not work here

1 St Joseph, United States

One of the worst experiences. I realize now I should have just gone on unemployment, as I was put through hell working here. I worked as a phone advocate, a QA, and in the intraday dept. Upper management could honestly care less about their employees. In the last department I worked in, the intraday team lead barely did any work while I took on about 95% of our dept.'s job tasks, and he couldn't even physically be at work as much as I was, b/c he was going to school, yet he was paid considerably more than me (my boss clearly played favorites). Whenever people had tech issues or questions about their schedule, they immediately went to me, even though the team "lead" sat right next to me.
At one point a friend of his who visited our desk started verbally abusing me, and he did nothing about it, and sat there and said nothing.
I was especially overworked when they cut our dept. down to 2 ppl per shift, and this wore on me as I had to work alone on Friday nights, which was the busiest shift there. It was so bad at one point I was told by a member of upper management, Jeannie Hicks, that I was not allowed to leave the desk for the rest of the night b/c one of the clients was going to test call our desk at any point that evening, and we couldn't afford to not have someone there. Apparently when I took a quick restroom break, a call was supposed to come through, so she did one of her "email shaming" acts and pointed out to the whole intraday team and and the command center that I had left the desk and we missed this "important" call (even though I didn't know this was going to happen). I had to go the rest of the shift (which was the majority of it) without a lunch break or going to the bathroom, so needless to say I felt awful by the time I went home.
Overall, the supervisors and advocates treated me with disrespect and basically used me as someone to take their stress and anger out on. If you have to work here, make your stay as short as possible, even if you have to go on unemployment or find work at another call center

May 21, 2015

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