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US V Advertising / Nothing but scam

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We put our timeshare up for sale/ rent with us v advertising for a cost of $1205.00. They said they were affiliated with Royal Holiday who our timeshare is through so we felt confident about it. I have since found out they have nothing to do with royal holiday at all...I can not find a web site for them or anything. So today I called them to see just where we stood with the sales prospects and the gentleman with whom I spoke was very rude. I wanted to know what my money was being used for since even I can't find a web site and the only thing he would tell me was that nothing had happened, no leads, no inquiries, absolutely nothing except that if I lowered my price substantially we might have better luck. This was and is total mis-reprentation. They pitch these sales and then pressure you to do it today or they can't help you. What a Crock!!! It really irks me to think that the credit card comp or the bbb will do nothing about this. My advice to everyone is DO NOT TRUST YOUR MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!! And as for as royal Holiday goes this an even bigger SCAM! Best advice don’t' get caught up in this HAVE TO DO RIGHT NOW because YOU will LOOSE in the end.

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  • An
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    They are also US Vacation and they also took me for $1175..Mark A. said he had a buyer for my Timeshare and it would be sold in 3 weeks. The lies and games started right after the money was theirs. I complained to the BBB and other online complaint forums. I agree with them being nasty as I was hung up on several times. Mark A from this company then called saying if I removed and updated complaints I would get a full refund..That was in Sept no refund and I doubt that was ever actually going to happen. Just another scam to get complaints removed..My complaints are going back up to hopefully save someone else from this crooked bunch..My suggestion is write to the Att. General..Make sure you send for both business names. They have the same address as it's the same people..also when they call and claim a refund if you take your complaint down don't believe them. Good luck!

  • Kr
      26th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I've read a lot of timeshare rental/resales complaints online recently, and telling people that they have a sure-thing buyer for your timeshare seems to be a common tactic employed by a number of similar companies, and apparently at some point illegal. Sorry to see that US V Advertising/US Vacations/PFS Concepts, Inc. is no better.

    "Fortunately, " we only wanted to rent a timeshare unit that we reserved specifically for the time of the FBR Golf Open in Phoenix back in January, so we're only out $500. But our complaints aren't about the fact that the unit failed to attract a renter (although USV's bad marketing surely didn't help). We are unhappy with errors that are in our advertisements and lies we were told by their rep about improvements they were making to their website (such as allowing potential renters to search for lodging by event, such as the Daytona 500, the FBR, etc.).

    It seems as if both the rep and the president of the company also lie about being able to advertise a timeshare points-based program wherein the owner doesn't have a specific condo in a specific resort at a specific time. They finally made one attempt to correct our ad (I had to write it!), and when I dared question where they placed it, they took the ad off the website! They had placed it under the City, State, and Country search options as "All Over the World." Under Resort Name, they put us under "Diamond Resorts International" - we were the only ad under these headings. What potential renter is going to look there?

    There must have been other people who have programs like ours who complained. They were put under "All Over, " "Anywhere, " "Multi-Destinations, " and "Various." I'd sure like to know if any of these folks have gotten any inquiries from potential buyers/renters.

    Plus, their website is unprofessional-looking, riddled with poor writing, multi-sized fonts, broken links, spelling errors, etc. Take a look - it's Just look at the home page and the Legal page. And, if a potential renter goes to Google/AOL/IE/etc. and types in "timeshare rentals" he'll see many, many other timeshare rental/resale businesses before he gets to USV. So the only people who'll access their website is someone who wrote down the URL or toll-free number from a passing taxi or bus, or someone who got their catalog or direct mailer. But you don't notice this stuff until you're already committed and they've got your money.

    And while US Vacation records a verbal agreement prior to your even signing the contract - for YOUR protection, according to the company president (oh, right! my protection!), they don't record subsequent conversations by their sales reps wherein they promise you more than you'll get just to get you to sign... And when you complain all they do is state "You signed the contract" and give you a number so you can listen to your verbal agreement. My comment is that yes, we did sign, but that USV hasn't executed their end of the "bargain" by producing quality, effective advertising.

    Once they have your money, customer service becomes non-existent. We've been hung up on, our letters ignored, and insulted in writing when we finally turned to the BBB and Florida AG office (who forwarded our complaint about US V Advertising to the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services). If you go this route, be warned that neither office can force a company to do anything. They are only intermediaries between the consumer and the business, like your credit card company. According to the company president, in addition to being a liar, my complaints are groundless and a complete waste of his time.

    Finally, we were contacted by USV in August 2008. We are on the Do Not Call List. I reported them, for whatever good it did.

    If anyone reading this is being solicited by USV and their crack team of timeshare experts, promising you a customer ad (not!) DO NOT fall for it. You're better off learning how to advertise your own timeshare on e-Bay or Craig's List. I was too lazy and am now $500 poorer.

  • St
      26th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Wow, wish I had seen this before the $1295.oo I just got stuck with. Yeah they are good. I had already been ripped off once but because I had seven days in which to cancel my contract and because Chris Timm swore he would have our points rented in that time, I like most who are looking to dump our time shares got ripped off.

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